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Romanian resources

Postby rdearman » Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:29 pm



Romanian with Nico ... OhLgNuQAwg

Reference Grammar Network
Slavic, Romanian, Georgian...

Lists of links ... -resources

Speakeasy wrote:
Romanian: An Essential Grammar (Routlege)

Romanian Cultural Institute

Finally, although it is quite possible that you have already developed your own list of online resources, the attached discussion thread contains a few LINKs that you might find interesting:

Romanian Resources

NIKOLIĆ wrote:I've finished Assimil Il Romeno senza sforzo and I don't remember running into any grave errors. Don't worry about the outdated spelling, the differences are negligible. The letters Î -  represent the same vowel /ɨ/, but nowadays Î is written only at the beginning or at the end of a word (a omorî, a urî ) and  is written everywhere else.

Here are some courses I've used / still am using.

Româna cu sau fără profesor
Modern Romanian
Colloquial Romanian
Limba care ne unește I,II,III

RFI România (news, podcasts)
Istoria Culturală a României
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Re: Romanian resources

Postby Speakeasy » Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:26 pm

In addition to what has already been mentioned above ...

Assimil Le roumain (2017) by Vincent Ilutiu – Assimil
Assimil Le Roumain sans peine (1996, 2004) by Vincent Ilutiu – Assimil
Note carefully : Daristani has confirmed that these are two separate generations of the Assimil Le roumain course by the same author.

Beginner's Romanian (1993) by Dana Gall - Hippocrene Books

Colloquial Rumanian : Grammar, Exercises, Reader Vocabulary (1953) by Grigore Nandris - Routledge & Paul Kegan Ltd
Note carefully: This is a vintage edition, somewhat similar in scope, presentation, and depth-of-coverage of the Hugo Simplified series of the same era. Audio recordings were not prepared for this series.

Complete Romanian (4th ed., 200) by Dennis Deletant and Yvonne Alexandrescu – Teach Yourself Books / McGraw-Hill

Colloquial Romanian (2011, 2015) by Ramona Gönczöl, Dennis Deletant – Routledge / Taylor & Francis
The audio recordings are freely-available for downloading from the publisher’s website.

Course in Contemporary Romanian (1970) by B. Cazacu - Edit. Didactica Si Pedogoia
There are audio recordings on the Indiana University’s CeLT Recorded Materials Archive which may (or may not) be related to this hefty course manual.

Discover Romanian An Introduction to the Language and Culture
Student Workbook to Use With Discover Romanian
Discover Romanian: 10 Volume CD Set
All of the by Rodica Boţoman (1995) - Ohio State University Press

Modern Romanian (Limba Romana) (1971) by James Augerot, Florin Popescu
Modern Romanian (Limba Romana) (1971) by James Augerot, Florin Popescu
Modern Romanian (Limba Romana) (1971) by James Augerot, Florin Popescu
The audio recordings are freely-available via the Indiana University’s CeLT Recorded Materials Archive. The course manual, in PDF format, is freely-available via the U.S. Government’s ERIC website and via Lingvist. Used copies can still be found on the internet.

Pimsleur Romanian, Level I - Simon & Schuster

Romanian The Ultimate Beginners Learning Guide (2019) by Alexandra Lazarescu - Independently published

Romanian Textbook (1990) by Alexandra Roceric - Dunwoody Press
Dunwoody Press (believed to have ceased operations) was a highly-respected publisher of materials covering the less-frequently-studied languages. It is possible that audio recordings were prepared to accompany this textbook.

Spoken Romanian (1976) by Frederick Browning Agard – Spoken Language Services (SLS)
Spoken Romanian (6 audio cassettes, 29 Units) – Currently unavaiable
Spoken Language Services’ catalogue of introductory self-instructional language courses was primarily composed of authorized reprints of courses which had been commissioned by the U.S. Armed Forces during the Second World War. A small number SLS’s courses were authorized reprints of courses of the 1960’s and 1970’s which had been published with the support of American and Canadian universities. My searches of the internet suggest to me that the SLS Spoken Romanian falls into the latter category. Copies of the course manual can be found on the internet and, I would imagine, the audio recordings in mp3 format, as well.

Teach Yourself Romanian! Romanian for the English-speaking World (2001) by E. Tanasescu - Bay Foreign Language Books
Note carefully that this course is NOT part of the widely-known Teach Yourself series of course books.

U.S. Peace Corps Romanian courses – website
The website hosts a small selection of materials for learning Romanian. Surprisingly for the Peace Corps series, the audio recordings are available!
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Re: Romanian resources

Postby Speakeasy » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:42 pm

Grammars and Related Works
In some instances, publications have been grouped by author’s name.

A Course in Romance Linguistics: A Diachronic (1985) by Frederick B. Agard – Georgetown University Press

A Reference Grammar of Romanian: Volume 1: The noun phrase (2013)
The Syntax of Romanian: Comparative Studies in Romance (2011)
Both of the above by Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin

Comparative Studies in Romanian Syntax (2000) by Virginia Motapanyane- Emerald Group Publishing

Experimental Insights into the Syntax of Romanian Ditransitives (2020) by Alina Tigau - Mouton De Gruyter

Gramatica are suflet (2014) by Ieremie Violeta - Bo Yang

Gramatica Practică a Limbii Române (2007 ) by Ştefania Popescu - Tedit FZH

Romanian and Moldovan: Classification and Manipulation (2012) by Chase Faucheux - AV Akademikerverlag

Romanian Grammar (1991)
Romanian Reference Grammar (2011)
Both of the above by Christina N. Hoffman

Romanian Grammar (2014)
Handbook of Romanian Verbs (2009) (note: pamphlet, 66 pages)
Both of the above by Mika Sarlin

Romanian: An Essential Grammar (2007) by Ramona Gönczöl– Routledge / Taylor & Francis
NOTE: Ramona Gönczöl is also the author of Routledge’s Colloquial Romanian

The Grammar of Romanian (2013)
Comparative and Diachronic Perspectives on Romance Syntax (2018)
Diachronic Variation in Romanian (2015)
The Syntax of Old Romanian (2016)
All of the above by Gabriela Pana Dindelegan

The Phonology of Romanian: A Constraint-Based Approach (2013) by Ioana Chitoran - De Gruyter Mouton

The Syntax of Romanian: Comparative Studies in Romance (2011) by Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin - De Gruyter Mouton

Word Order and Parameter Change in Romanian: A Comparative Romance Perspective (2019) by Alexandru Nicolae - Oxford University Press

Dictionaries and Related Works
In some instances, publications have been grouped by author’s name.

A Dictionary of English and Romanian Equivalent Proverbs (2017) by Teodor Flonta- CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Anglicisms in the Romanian Business Vocabulary: On Analysis in the Finance and Banking Texts in the Ziarul Financiar (2012) by Iulia Para - Lambert Academic Publishing

Bridging the Vernacular Gap: Safeguarding Devices in English-Romanian Translation (2013)
Lexicography in Action: Designing an English-Romanian Glossary of English Criminal Law for Interpreters and Legal Professionals Using Electronic Corpora (2018)
Both of the above by Monica Augustina Zhekov

Business Romanian Dictionary: Romanian-English/English-Romanian (1998) by Alex Macedonski - Independent Pub Group

English-Romanian & Romanian-English One-To-One Dictionary (2011) by G. L. Dutulescu - Ibs Books

English-Romanian and Romanian-English Dictionary (2003, 2007) by Mircea Manolache- Star Publications

English-Romanian Dictionary of Accounting, Economic, and Financial Terms (1998) by Frederick Henry Duncan- Editura RAI

NTC's Romanian and English Dictionary (1995) by Andrea Banta – National Textbook Company

Romanian Frequency Dictionary - Essential Vocabulary: 2500 Most Common Romanian Words
Romanian Frequency Dictionary - Intermediate Vocabulary: 2501-5000 Most Common Romanian Words
Romanian Frequency Dictionary - Advanced Vocabulary: 5001-7500 Most Common Romanian Words
All of the above by Ana-Maria Micu -

Romanian-English Dictionary (2008) by Leon Levitchi- Editura Teora

Romanian-English/English-Romanian Practical Dictionary (2010) (1996)
Romanian-English/English-Romanian Dictionary & Phrasebook (2002)
All of the above by Mihai Miroiu- Hippocrene Books

Trade Names in Contemporary Romanian Public Space (2015) by Alina Bughesiu - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cultural Studies and Related Works

Between reality and myth: A corpus-based analysis of the stereotypic image of some Romanian ethnic minorities (2010) by Gabriela Brozba- GRIN Verlag

Key Concepts of Romanian History: Alternative Approaches to Socio-Political Languages (2013) by Victor Neumann Victor Neumannet al - Central European University Press

Literary Translation and the Idea of a Minor Romania (2014) by Sean Cotter - University of Rochester Press

Romania: Culture Smart and the description is for Culture (2017) by Debbie Stowe - Kuperard

Interpreți din România: Lexicon : dirijori, cântăreți, instrumentiști, regizori (1996) by Viorel Cosma - Galaxia

The Making of Modern Romanian Culture: Literacy and the Development of National Identity (2006) by Alex Drace-Francis - I.B.Tauris

The Romanian Dialect of Moldova: A Study in Language and Politics (1999) by Donald Leroy Dyer - Edwin Mellen Pr

The Romanian Language in the Digital Age (2012) by Georg Rehm et al - Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Please note that the items listed below are but a small sample of those available.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves in Romanian and English
Biblia De Studiu pentru o Viata Deplina / The Full Life Study Bible in Romanian Language Edition
Crime stories from the Bible - Romanian Language Book / Povestiri despre crime din Biblie
Fantastic Tales (English and Romanian Edition)
First Romanian Reader for beginners: Volume 1
First Romanian Reader for beginners: Volume 2
First Romanian Reader: Volume 3
Second Romanian Reader: Volume 4
Learn Romanian Language Through Dialogue: Volume 5
Imi Place Limba Romana (A Romanian Reader)
Petre Ispirescu : Books on Amazon
Povesti de Grimm. Grimms' Fairy Tales
Romanian Legends and stories: Legende si povesti romanesti (Romansh Edition)
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Re: Romanian resources

Postby nooj » Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:49 pm

The Grammar of Romanian (2013)

It's kind of enraging that this is the best descriptive grammar of Romanian ever published in English (based off the Romanian descriptive grammar of the authors) and yet the price is prohibitive for me. Not in the university library either. Some pages are available in Google Books!
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