Polski & Italiano Episode II: StringerBell Strikes Back

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Re: Polski & Italiano Episode II: StringerBell Strikes Back

Postby hedgehog.chess » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:40 am

StringerBell wrote:Is there a difference between "daj mi znać" and "daj mi znak"? (let me know)
I used "daj mi znać" in a message I sent, but later started thinking that I should have written "daj mi znak". I was worried that I'd written some kind of nonsense, so I looked them both up, and they seem to mean the same thing. Are they interchangeable?

Daj mi znać=let me know
Daj mi znak=give me a sign
You could think of some specific situations when they could be interchangeable but their meaning isn’t exactly the same (just like in English). You used the correct one :) I would say in case of a doubt go with with “daj mi znać”.
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