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Re: The 2019 365 Day Language Challenge - Sign Up and Discussion

Postby MorkTheFiddle » Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:10 pm

Thank you for your detailed and informative post. Your goals were far more ambitious than mine. I'm shooting for three hours of listening per day and for a goal of 150 hours total. More time can be added to that, because recently I finished 150 hours of listening to episodes of TV serials dubbed into French. I judged that successful because by the end I was understanding practically everything of the series That 70s Show.
For this challenge, everything is fair game: audiobooks (listening or reading/listening), blogs, movies (with or without subtitles, and, occasionally, dubbed), native language TV shows (with or without subtitles), and documentaries. When I began, I stumbled out of the gate. A couple of the movies that I watched were IMO awful: Indochine and La vie en rose. It took a couple of weeks to find TV shows I could watch. Normally, I don't watch TV shows, and I don't even have a TV anymore. Nor have I found a show I really like, but a few are bearable. Documentaries for the most part are mostly comprehensible, and the blogs by Dany Caligula, Nota Bene and Axolotl are comprehensible, and I am relieved to say entertaining as well.
Now I can see a sequence I should follow, but I don't know whether I will, now that I am started. I think it would have helped, once I finished a long run of one dubbed TV show, to sample 4 or 5 others, just to get used to different voices.
Then to move on to movies and TV shows with good French subtitles, like Kaamalott, first using the subs, then not. I am counting on Netflix to provide these. Finally moving on to films without subtitles. But all the while watching blogs and documentaries and listening to audiobooks.
My blog just gives a bare list of what I have listened to, but I should go back and give at least a minimum comment about what I liked and did not like. The first entry of this challenge is
When I finish this French challenge, I intend to start another in Spanish, more or less on the same lines as this.
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Re: The 2019 365 Day Language Challenge - Sign Up and Discussion

Postby coldrainwater » Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:51 am

Thanks Mork for sharing details about your plan. They are very insightful and I like seeing how others go about similar challenges. I have had the exact same experiencce with TV as you have and actually let go of my last TV (a cathode ray tube behemoth) back in 1999 (the year I graduated high school and had no more room for it in the new college dorm). I struggled as well and the only TV that I managed to watch a respectable number of hours in was Aquí no hay quien viva (summer 2017 iirc). Thankfully, we now have a full thread on official Spanish TV with great reviews by people who love to watch them. I will take a look at your challenge starting post now. Thanks again for sharing.
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Re: The 2019 365 Day Language Challenge - Sign Up and Discussion

Postby Fenderman » Mon Jul 01, 2019 1:29 am

We're halfway through the year and challenge...good work everyone!
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