Slovenian in 3 Months Project

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Slovenian in 3 Months Project

Postby TrishaDunbar » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:56 pm


I am taking part in the Languages of Slovenia Challenge. This 3-month long challenge is hosted by Richard Simcott of Speaking Fluently and Máirín Millward from Mo’s Language Learning Journey in association with the Polyglot Conference, which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in October 2018.

Prior to the challenge I had no experience in this language whatsoever and was unable to even say "hello"! From knowing absolutely no Slovenian in July 2018. My goal is to host a Facebook LIVE in The Language Learners Hub group in October 2018 where I will be speaking for at least 15 minutes in Slovenian and answering any questions! I am also hoping to chat to a native speaker OR someone familiar with Slovenian during the challenge.

In comparison to other languages, I have studied there is a lack of resources and a limited amount of teachers. However, I will be logging all the resources I will be using (or find) on my blog for any future Slovene learners to use.

Progress so Far
I can now introduce myself and count to about 100...but that's it so far. I've joined the 6WC (6 Week Challenge) and plan to study for at least 45 minutes, 6 days a week.i have weekly Italki lessons arranged and and will be using Memrise for 15 minutes per day too.

Adijo :)

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