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DLI Vietnamese

Postby peterbeischmidt » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:14 pm

has anyone here been using the Vietnamese Basic Course produced by the DLI? I'm talking about this one here:
https://jlu.wbtrain.com/sumtotal/langua ... %20Course/

If so, I'd love to know how you've been using it and how much you got out of it.
Also, does anyone know if recordigns of the pattern drills can be found anywhere? They don't seem to be included in the audio directory in the link above unfortunately. Since I really enjoy doing these types of exercises, I'm wondering if I should ask a native speaker to record them for me.

As for myself I'm using it sort of like a Pimsleur course, I always first try to translate the bilingual example sentences that every lesson has into Vietnamese, then listen to the recording to check my pronunciation.
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Re: DLI Vietnamese

Postby Speakeasy » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:58 pm

DLI Vietnamese - HTLAL
I conducted a G-search of the HTLAL using "DLI Vietnamese" as my search criterion. To my surprise, the search yielded only four discussion threads. I could find only one comment that seemed to be even remotely related to your question:

Should I Learn Vietnamese? - HTLAL - September, 2011 - by member Liddytime:
"As far as courses are concerned:
Two great free resources are the FSI Vietnamese course (Southern Dialect)
FSI Vietnamese
and the DLI course (I believe Northern Dialect but I could be wrong)
DLI Vietnamese

The DLI in particular has a TON of material. Even if you spent only 30 minutes a day on it, in a year you will
know a huge amount of Vietnamese!

I have heard mixed things about the Teach Yourself Vietnamese. The main complaint is that it goes way too fast
and is better suited as an intermediate course. You probably wouldn't get much out of Pimsleur Vietnamese

Other Sources of DLI Vietnamese
I found only one reseller of the DLI Vietnamese course on eBay. While the price for the materials is quite reasonable at 7.00 $US, the seller is quoting an absolutely ridiculous postal tariff of 34.00 $US for shipment of a DVD in a small, unmarked envelope. My experience leads me to believe that the majority these resellers acquired their materials from Ericounet's FSI-Languages.yojik website. Still, you could contact the seller and ask them whether or not the drills form part of the audio files that he is offering for sale.
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