rpg learns Spanish, French...Italian....Hungarian?

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Re: rpg learns Spanish, French...Italian....Hungarian?

Postby rpg » Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:54 am

Italian: I finished lesson 19 today, still on a schedule of 1/day. The difficulty has gone up mildly but it's still pretty smooth sailing. I'm trying to internalize as much of the vocabulary as I can, but yesterday's lesson (18) threw quite a few new ones at me that aren't as memorable (asciugamano, pulito, accanto, coperta, cuscino...). Though now that I look at their etymologies I realize that coperta is cognate with English cover, and cuscino with English cushion. Asciugamano seems to come from asciugare + mano and apparently asciugare is cognate with Spanish enjugar, except I didn't know that word either!

Hungarian: haven't made too much progress here, especially since I've been pretty busy this week. I'm on lesson 8 of Assimil.

Spanish: I just watched La noche de 12 años, about three revolutionaries (including Uruguay's current president) who spent 12 years in solitary confinement during Uruguay's military dictatorship. Decent movie, but not as great for language purpose: a movie about solitary confinement means not a ton of talking! A lot of the dialogue was also words or short phrases being shouted, which is speech that I really struggle with sometimes (no context!). I turned on Spanish subs about halfway through because I got a little frustrated, though I was still following along.

Some vocab: la capucha, hood (I already knew this one passively from the Capuchins), un gil, someone gullible or stupid (Rpl), el granizo, hail.
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