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Postby Lawyer&Mom » Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:46 pm

Sahmilat wrote:A few questions just occurred to me. I am planning to study in Germany, either next year as a study abroad year (I am starting my second year of university this year) or for my master's if my German is good enough by then. Possibly both. I had a couple of German-related questions I was hoping some of the experts here could answer:

1) Is there a particular university/city that you personally think I should try to experience in my study abroad? My main options are FU Berlin, Humboldt, and Leipzig, but I'm pretty sure I could study abroad at pretty much any major university I chose. Obviously depending on what I decide to do for my master's my decision will be very different, but if I am just studying for a year in my bachelors program I just want to learn more about German language and literature. Does any university have a particularly good reputation for that, or are all the big unis good choices?

2) What should I expect in terms of dialect? Obviously it depends on where I study, but if I went to, say, LMU München, would the professors and all the students speak Bayrisch, would there be a mix because of the diverse student population, or would official university things like lectures mostly be held in Hochdeutsch? If I want to live in Germany, which I do, I would likely need to learn a dialect, but I don't have a good idea of how the diglossia functions in universities.

Goettingen is a lovely medieval university town. It would be a great choice for an undergrad year. You might then pick a bigger city for your masters, once you have more experience with Germany under your belt.
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