Interview in English and in Spanish

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Interview in English and in Spanish

Postby Mount Everest » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:51 am

I live in Japan and I will have a job interview in many languages, including English and Spanish. I am citing these languages because they have more weigh over others. My interview will be next week, so I don't have much time for preparation.

I honestly don't know how to prepare for, because it is a Japanese company, in theory, but there are more foreign workers there. How can I prepare for an interview in English and Spanish, not knowing where they come from or what are the companies' policy?

There are some English speaking countries, but the one interviewing me, could be someone at C2 level from Northern European country, for instance. As for Spanish, there are about 21 Spanish speaking countries and I guess the working culture (hiring process etc) is different in all of them. I don't know to what extent they could be different, but I am pretty sure that if I have an interview with a Mexican person, it is likely I will have high chances. If I get an Argentinian from Buenos Aires, I will have little chances, due to the lack of exposure. However, the thing is, it could be anyone from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. I am familiar with some accents, but I find some others more difficult. I am proficient in the subject that I need at this future job, but I guess, it is like a Russian roulette here.

What would you guys do? I have little free time and my bet is to watch Youtube videos. I typed "preguntas y respuestas más comunes en una entrevista de trabajo en español" and I am watching videos during my lunch break. I have only one hour a day.

I guess, interviews can be different between America, UK and Australia, but there might be other things to be considered such as the company's policy of recruitment etc. I can't have access to such information. There isn't such information on Google either.
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Re: Interview in English and in Spanish

Postby NoManches » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:16 am

With only a week to go I would just focus on answering generic interview questions. Since there isn't much time to actually make improvements with any of the languages, I would try to prepare for the interview itself....but do it in the languages you will be using. I do think that listening to the languages you will be interviewed in is a good idea, and will help you clear away the cobwebs.

Good luck!
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