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Small area for language related software developers. If you have a feature request please put in the appropriate place. This area is for developers of language software and forum software development only.
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Re: Language Material Swap Shop

Postby rdearman » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:42 am

MorkTheFiddle wrote:
rdearman wrote:
crush wrote:I think this is a great idea, i've had several great Assimil books that i've wanted to pass on over the years and ended up just giving them to people who i don't think ever used them. I've currently got quite a few Catalan books that i've been lugging with me forever because i haven't found anyone interested in reading them.

Yeah, that is my reasoning as well. I used to go around all the charity shops looking for language books. So I have tons of courses in languages I no longer have any intention of learning. Be nice to know they going to a good home.

BTW I setup a github account for this once, and spent all of about 15 minutes working on a Postgresql DB scheme for it. Is anyone going to setup a github repository for this? Or shall I publish the location of the one I setup and the rubbish work I did can just be deleted. :)

What ever happened to this initiative?
And how about a book swap annex called "Give Aways"? I've got stuff I leave at a local used book store for "credit," but the credit is hardly worth the trip. I don't like to leave stuff at a place like Goodwill for fear they will end up on the goodwill manager's home bookshelf.
What to do?

I was thinking about this the other day and was tempted to just list the stuff I have on a thread in the resources area and just offer to swap. Not a programmed flash website, but it would work. :)
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Re: Language Material Swap Shop

Postby MorkTheFiddle » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:12 pm

Yes, it would work. Good idea.
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