B2 Spanish or bust

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Re: B2 Spanish or bust

Postby Rob Tickner » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:26 am

Really interested to hear your feedback on converting over your Kindle Paperwhite words to Anki, specifically if you find that doing so and reviewing the words in Anki afterwards is more effective than encountering the words naturally further on in the text (or in other texts).
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Re: B2 Spanish or bust

Postby bryan » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:56 pm

Season 1 of Avatar arrived over the weekend. I've ripped them into Plex (along with the subtitles EMK pointed me to) and started watching a couple episodes last night. I'm happy to say that, watching with Spanish audio and Spanish subtitles turned on, I could understand 80% or better of the dialog. As a bonus, I was enjoying the show too.

After watching the first episode, I re-watched it a second time and noticed my understand got better. Being a bit of a perfectionist and not liking to not know what a word means, any time I saw a word used more than a couple of times I stopped to look up the word. It worked out well, I learned a handful of new words last night.

This should be a fun way to learn. Lately, I've been really tired at night after work so this is a fun way to "study".


So, I had a few goals this year. One of which was to get ready for the DELE. My target was to sit for the B1 at least. Yesterday I started looking at the exam papers on the DELE site. It doesn't seem too bad. Much to my surprise, there is a University in Indianapolis that is listed as an official exam center. Hopefully they are still doing it as that would be a much easier drive than having to go to Chicago for the exam.

I'd love to hear about other peoples experiences taking the DELE.
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