2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Ongoing language-learning challenges, and team challenge logs (but not individual logs)
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Re: 2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Postby Jeslator » Sun Jun 09, 2024 6:01 pm

Language : French
Challenge : Full
Current level : C1
Comments, link : to pass DALF C2

Language : Russian
Challenge : Half
Current level : A1
Comments, link : to attain B1
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Re: 2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Postby maev » Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:39 am

Challenge: full
Current level:intermediate

Challenge: full
Current level:beginner
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Re: 2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Postby Sprachprofi » Mon Jun 17, 2024 6:34 pm

Late signup! I just got back from doing some intensive work in Greece, so it's only now that I have the leisure to start the challenge.
Thanks for the helpful spreadsheet template!

Language : Greek
Challenge : Half
Current level : weak C2
Comments, link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Language : Croatian
Challenge : Half
Current level : weak B2
Comments, link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
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Re: 2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Postby enrdbrow » Wed Jun 19, 2024 10:22 am

Language: French
Challenge: Full
Current level: B1 ?
Comments, links: I'm hoping to finally conquer this challenge! I've never managed to complete one yet!
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Language Log: Un goût du français
Super Challenge (French FULL)
: 0 / 5000 SC: Read
: 0 / 9000 SC: Video / Audio

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Re: 2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Postby Kamenskaya01 » Mon Jun 24, 2024 5:02 pm

Language: Russian
Challenge: double
Current level: I think B1-ish
Comments, links: I want excellent reading & hearing fluency and solid output fluency.
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Re: 2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Postby Quabazaa » Wed Jul 03, 2024 6:16 am

I'm anticipating that I will read/listen to more than this for some and less for others, slightly hard to anticipate.

Language: Gàidhlig
Challenge: Half
Current level: B1
Comments: Goal is B2 and finally getting to an expressive and spontaneous range. Also I have a huge backlog of great books lined up to read!

Language: Japanese
Challenge: Half
Current level: N3
Comments: Aiming for N2. I read incredibly slowly and would love for it to feel more natural and fun.

Language: Arabic
Challenge: Half
Current level: rusty A2
Comments: Picking back up after a 10 year hiatus. It may be hard to reach this goal but it's worth a try! Main goal is refreshing what I used to know.

Language: Mandarin
Challenge: Half
Current level: HSK2
Comments: This may be a little too ambitious. I thought it would be useful to track what I do read/watch.
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Re: 2024/25 Super Challenge Registration Thread

Postby othezou » Mon Jul 08, 2024 1:26 am

Language: Spanish
Challenge: Full
Current level: Between B1 and B2
Comments, links: Hoping to use this as motivation to keep up a reading habit in the language.
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