Anyone in Paris on October 18th?

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Anyone in Paris on October 18th?

Postby Amandine » Thu Oct 06, 2022 10:23 pm

Earlier this year I was somewhat planning to be in Paris for October so I bought a ticket to see Fabrice Luchini perform his show La Fontaine et Le Confinement at Théâtre des Mathurins. About a week after I did so I got offered a job which makes travel in 2022 totally impossible so no Paris En Octobre pour moi and No Fabrice Luchini either. Maybe next year!

Would anyone like this ticket? It is the evening of Tuesday October 18th.

The show is totally sold out. In fact, this is the second run of it and I just saw there's a new run in November so obviously a popular spectacle!

It was 20 euros which is the cheapest tier, as far as I can tell it is towards the front but on the side.

Its waiting at the box office for collection, I assume I can email them in my charmingly broken French and ask nicely for the name to be changed for someone else to pick it up.

EDIT: since I didn't explicitly say it - of course the ticket is free if you can use it
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