How to use the swap shop


This area is for members to list books or other physical media they have which they may want to swap with other members. Swaps should be done via PM, only members lists of media should be posted. Please indicate the type of materials and languages in the topic.
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How to use the swap shop

Postby rdearman » Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:04 pm

This area is for members who would like to swap physical materials with other members. For example, member A has 2 old French grammar books they no longer want, but want to find a beginners book for Modern Greek. Member B has modern Greek books but wants French Grammar.

In this area member A has listed his unwanted materials under the topic:
MemberA's List [French, Italian, Manx]
and inside of the thread they list all the books, etc with ISBN numbers.

Member B has a topic also
MemberB's List [Modern Greek, Latin, English]

Member A sends and message to Member B, and they agree a swap. Both members edit their posts to remove the material they will be swapping, and post their stuff to each other.

  1. Please note that to use this swap area you'll need to provide your own address. If you're not comfortable with this please do not use this area.
  2. Swapping ONLY! This area isn't for selling or auctioning items.
  3. Swapping electronic media isn't allowed. Physical material only.
  4. The administrators or moderators are not responsible for issues or problems you may encounter while using this area.
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Re: How to use the swap shop

Postby MorkTheFiddle » Tue Apr 06, 2021 5:07 pm

rdearman wrote:Rules:
  1. Please note that to use this swap area you'll need to provide your own address. If you're not comfortable with this please do not use this area.
For safety, folks in the USA can rent a box at the post office for a reasonable cost. When I sold used books through Amazon and eBay, I did this with no problems. I suppose some other countries offer this option, too.
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