Very positive support for TextAloud text-to-speech software

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Very positive support for TextAloud text-to-speech software

Postby tommus » Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:01 pm

I have been using NextUp TextAloud text-to-speech software since 2009 with the Acapela English voice Peter and the Dutch voice Max. Recently, I stopped using an older computer with that software installed and wished to migrate TextAloud and the two voices to Windows 10. The 2009 version 2.0.x was not compatible with Windows 10 so I asked NextUp if I could get their current version 4.0.5 at the upgrade price, and the Windows 10 version of Peter and Max. And that is exactly what they offered. I bought the new version and they provided me the Windows 10 version of the two voices I'd gotten in 2009. They were very helpful and very nice during this upgrade. I am so appreciative that I thought I would mention their excellent support here on LLorg where probably some members may be interested in their excellent products and excellent support.

NextUp TextAloud
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Re: Very positive support for TextAloud text-to-speech software

Postby MorkTheFiddle » Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:47 pm

I agree with your opinion about TextAloud. I used it until Windows 10 broke it (along with dozens of my other programs), which was so along ago I had forgotten about it. A very nice thing for the developpers to have done. I would only be concerned what the next "upgrade" of Windows might do to it. Thanks for the review.
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