Learning With Texts (LWT) has been discontinued and deleted

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Re: Learning With Texts (LWT) has been discontinued and deleted

Postby rdearman » Thu Oct 08, 2020 8:27 pm

eldarion wrote:You accused me first in several ways. If you are such a clever guy as it seems, why you never wrote such a software by yourself? The points you made may be reasonable and/or valid for you. But not for me at all.

You get something for free from me. And you are so aggressive, negative and complaining in your posts. It's unbelievable.

@eldarion - Multiple accounts are not allowed on the forum. You'll need to login to your other account which you created as lwt and PM me so that I can confirm it is your account and then you'll need to tell me which account you'll be using in future so that I can delete the other one. If you don't do this soon then I'll be forced to suspend both accounts. You cannot have both this account and the lwt account.

Multiple accounts: Pretending to be several people (by using sockpuppet accounts) will generally result in a ban of all your accounts without any warning. Further attempts to create an account will also result in an immediate ban. If for some reason you're otherwise forced to create a second account, please contact the moderators and explain the situation immediately.
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Re: Learning With Texts (LWT) has been discontinued and deleted

Postby eldarion » Thu Oct 08, 2020 9:38 pm

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Re: Learning With Texts (LWT) has been discontinued and deleted

Postby Gundelangues » Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:12 pm

I will open a paranthesis here.

Has anyone been able to use LWT from a n android tablet/phone? I've seen some indications, but the instructions are unclear or I'm just plain techonologically illterate. Currently I travel a lot and so using LWT is not doable without a Pc, and frankly, going from book to reverso to anki to book to reverso to anki.....is painful. i don't want to imagine the older folks before our digital tools having to use PAPER dictionnaries. Shivers.
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Re: Learning With Texts (LWT) has been discontinued and deleted

Postby ryanheise » Fri Oct 09, 2020 4:25 am

eldarion wrote:You may also delete this thread because the legal problems have been ruled out, and both software are available.Thanks.

Can you please share what the legal problems or concerns were given that your hands no longer appear to be tied? What do you mean by "have been ruled out?" Did you consult with a lawyer and they confirmed that the legal threat has no basis? Or was the legal threat just something that you thought of yourself and you were taking precautions, rather than there being a bad actor who issued you a takedown notice?

As for deleting things, we already saw that deleting the LWT page led to unhelpful speculation, unwarranted blame, and fear and uncertainty among other app developers who are worried about receiving similar legal threats to yours, and that's the sort of thing we should avoid. Since you have an opportunity to resolve everyone's alarm, concern, fear and doubt, I hope you take that opportunity to resolve it.
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