Help me get better at Spanish?

Ask specific questions about your target languages. Beginner questions welcome!
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Re: Help me get better at Spanish?

Postby rlpowell » Tue Sep 03, 2019 3:06 am

Oh wow, so many replies! Thank you all! I didn't get any notifications so I just now realized there was so much activity! I'll post questions after I've read more.
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Re: Help me get better at Spanish?

Postby mentecuerpo » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:10 am

Dragon27 wrote:Not being able to understand spoken language is a typical problem for beginning learners, because they learn the language primarily through written texts, dictionaries, etc. But you claim to be an auditory learner and this usually entails learning primarily through audio materials, and in that case there shouldn't be that much of a gap between your reading and your listening comprehension. Have you used audiobooks (maybe, simplifed for language learners), all-spanish podcasts for learners, etc?

Anyway, the only way to develop your listening comprehension (so that you can watch Spanish TV and understand most of it) is to listen to lots and lots of hours of Spanish speech. If you can't just jump into authentic native material, there should be plenty of intermediate stuff. You should find the material that is interesting to you and is slightly (or not so slightly) above your level (so that you won't lose your motivation from boredom or frustration) and consume it regularly (consistency is key) and in large quantities. And then just keep increasing the difficulty until you're at the level you're satisfied with.

I agree with Dragon27, and I thank him for the sound advice.

Now, think about what Spanish accent you want to learn. You need to make a choice, this will guide your accent.
I am from El Salvador, I do not speak Mexican or Spain regional language. I am pleasantly surprised when I hear a European speaking Latin American Spanish. Or when I hear an American person speaking with a Spain regional accent.

Are you going to watch Mexican or Colombian Telenovelas? Then, your accent will be Latin American.

Are you going to study in Palermo University? Then get lots of Argentinian content.

Are you planning to spend days in sunny Spain? Listen to regional content from Spain.
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