Preparing for B2 / C1 Spanish

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Preparing for B2 / C1 Spanish

Postby yossarian » Thu Jul 25, 2019 12:24 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure where I place myself, but I would say something around a middling B2.

I would like to sit an exam in either December or January. For those people who have prepared for these exams, do you think trying to pass the C1 in this time frame is too lofty a goal?

If not, how have you gone about creating a studying plan, and building the confidence needed to pass?
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Re: Preparing for B2 / C1 Spanish

Postby Gòl·lum » Thu Jul 25, 2019 10:49 pm

I think it's entirely feasible. I once enrolled in a C1 English course but never went to class (the language school was too far away), nor did I buy the books they used throughout the course. I just practised the language as much as possible during the 9 following months, and I passed with good grades. I don't know what C1 type exam you have, but mine was mostly focused on writing, listening and speaking skills, with few grammar. This surely helps a lot, because you can pass if you have a (relatively) good command of the language. Other exams like First Certificate (FCE) are somewhat different in that you have to learn grammar rules by heart. In your case, you can improve a bit your level (you're already close to it) by listening to movies with subtitles, participating in Spanish forums and reading books and/or articles of your interest in this language.
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Re: Preparing for B2 / C1 Spanish

Postby Vero » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:01 am

If you enter the Cervates page, there's a test of language level:

So I would start there to know where you stand. And then I would decide, it depends a lot on which exam you would like to take (DELE?) DELE C1 is quite difficult, above all the writing part. A good preparation is Cronómetro C1 (there are for all levels), you'll need to practice writing and go through the outputs with a tutor. Good luck!
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