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Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:03 pm
by Axon
Hi everyone,

Anybody following my log knows that I'm in Indonesia right now in the middle of a year-long language program. I know there are at least two other active forum users who are studying Indonesian, and I know it's also a language that many people want to learn.

I'd like this thread to be a place where any Indonesian enthusiasts can share the resources they're using, compare notes, and discuss learning strategies. Malay/Javanese/Balinese/bahasa daerah enthusiasts are welcome too!

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:22 pm
by Axon

Citybooks (Thanks, Iguanamon!) narrated short stories:

Easy Indonesian street interviews playlist

Easy Malay street interviews playlist

Doraemon episodes dubbed into Indonesian with soft subs

EpicVice - light listicle content with accurate hard subs

Watchdoc Documentaries - short documentaries. Some have accurate hard subs, sometimes the subtitles don't quite match

SBS Your Language- Australian radio programs, downloadable, no transcripts

LINE Kamus Inggris - The best available Indonesian-English dictionary, available only as an app.

More to come...

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:54 pm
by Adrianslont
Hi, I don’t know how I missed this thread until today! Thanks for starting it - I just had a look at some of the resources and they are great. Subtitles are gold - I like to use them to learn new words quickly and then just listen and not look so I am not distracted by them - usually as ripped MP3s in the car.

I am happy to add the ones I have used if you like - I have mostly mentioned them elsewhere on the forum but it might be good to have them in this thread? I can do so later when I am on a computer.

Personally, Indonesian has taken a back seat for me for the last six months - I got distracted by French when my wife insisted we go to France for a holiday and when we came back I kept up studying french. I still do my indonesian anki reps though and read the occasional article that grabs my attention in my Facebook feed. And I’ve read a few comics I had picked up in June in Yogya. Your resource list is encouraging me to spend more time with BI but I had just resolved to dedicate the first three months of 2018 to French - in April I will make my language learning and travel plans for the rest of the year.

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:42 pm
by Monox D. I-Fly
If you need a native speaker, I am here.

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:03 pm
by Axon
Adrianslont, I always find that when I make a language resolution it never turns out like I planned. Good for you for keeping up the Indonesian Anki though! If you PM me your resources I can add them to that second post there. I've watched about two hours of the subtitled videos so far and it's amazing how helpful it is at my level. Even without any conscious vocab mining, I can tell my comprehension is going up fast. It's a strategy I used some five years ago with the Easy German videos - just watch interesting things with L2 subs over and over until you can understand.

Monox D. I-Fly, thank you very much for the offer! Where are you from and what are you studying? I'm surrounded by native speakers in Yogyakarta, but my big question to you is: what do non-native Indonesian speakers tend to get wrong?

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:07 pm
by Speakeasy
In the event that some of you are not already familiar with the "Indonesian Resources" thread that was opened under the "Language Programs and Resources" subforum, here is the LINK:

Indonesian Resources - Language Learners' Forum

Perhaps one of you would be interested in transcribing the audio recordings of the "Intensive Indonesian Program" that are available on the Indiana University CeLt Recorded Archives website. I know, it would be "cheap labour", but just think of the buzz you'd get from working on and completing such a project!

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:17 pm
by Monox D. I-Fly
Axon wrote:Monox D. I-Fly, thank you very much for the offer! Where are you from and what are you studying? I'm surrounded by native speakers in Yogyakarta, but my big question to you is: what do non-native Indonesian speakers tend to get wrong?

I am from Surakarta, which is more popular by its other name, "Solo". I am learning Arabic and Japanese. Sorry I can't answer your last question because I have never meet any non-native Indonesian speaker face-to-face, though I may ask my brother or my friend if they have encountered them.

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:32 pm
by Adrianslont
Speakeasy wrote:In the event that some of you are not already familiar with the "Indonesian Resources" thread that was opened under the "Language Programs and Resources" subforum, here is the LINK:

Indonesian Resources - Language Learners' Forum

Perhaps one of you would be interested in transcribing the audio recordings of the "Intensive Indonesian Program" that are available on the Indiana University CeLt Recorded Archives website. I know, it would be "cheap labour", but just think of the buzz you'd get from working on and completing such a project!

I’d forgotten about your thread, Speakeasy! And I had even posted to it! I don’t know how I will ever learn two languages with my memory.

I will add some resources when I eventually turn on my computer, as opposed to phone, and can figure out which thread to post to!

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:28 am
by Monox D. I-Fly
Axon wrote:Monox D. I-Fly, thank you very much for the offer! Where are you from and what are you studying? I'm surrounded by native speakers in Yogyakarta, but my big question to you is: what do non-native Indonesian speakers tend to get wrong?

I have asked my friend who used to teach Bahasa Indonesia to Japanese expatriate about this and she answered that they were confused because there are too many polysemy, like the word "memegang" (hold) can means "sawaru" or "yaru". Too many homographs, like "kamar kecil" (literally "small room", but here it means restroom/toilet) and "kamar yang kecil" (a room which is small, proper Indonesian translation for "small room"). Also, the usage of the word "yang" (who/which/that) like the difference between "wanita cantik" (beautiful woman) and "wanita yang cantik" ( a woman who is beautiful).

Re: Bahasa Indonesia untuk Dunia

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:05 am
by Axon
After a long drought of anything happening here, I think I may have something very useful. I got 400 sentences translated into Indonesian with the instructions "as informal and natural as possible" and that's indeed what I got. I can use and understand formal Indonesian but this is something I barely have experience with.

Maybe this will turn into Glossika Bahasa Gaul thanks to Neumanc's script. For now, it's just the parallel sentences. I have not checked this for errors and I know for a fact that the translation was done late at night, so there could be inconsistent translations. Just let me know and I'll make the changes.

You should be able to copy and paste this directly into a spreadsheet. Enjoy!

Go back home. Balik sana ke rumah.
Stop the car! Berhentiin mobilnya!
Turn on the TV. Idupin TV nya
How old are you? Berapa umurmu?
My car is black. Mobilku warna hitam.
My name is Alex. Nama gua/aku Alex.
Hand me that pen. Ambilin pulpen itu.
Nice to meet you. Senang bertemu denganmu.
Sorry, cash only. Maap, cuma bisa pake uang cash.
What's your name? Namamu siapa?
Don’t go back now. Jangan balik dulu.
He’s not that old. Dia gak tua-tua amat.
I don't have time. Gak ada waktu gua/aku.
I think I see him! Kayaknya aku liat dia deh.
This is my friend. Ini kawanku.
What's that smell? Bau apasih itu?
I love to eat meat. Gua/Aku suka makan daging.
I want two tickets. Gua mau dua tiket ya.
Take a photo of me. Fotoin gua/aku si.
That’s not my desk. Itu buka mejaku.
What’s this called? Apa ini namanya?
Don’t take my photo. Jangan ambil fotoku.
I’ll leave tomorrow. Gua bakal cabut besok.
My whole body hurts. Badan gua sakit semua.
What’s he doing now? Lagi ngapain dia?
Do you agree as well? Lu/ lo/ elu/ elo setuju?
Do you have a camera? Lu punya kamera kagak?
Don’t open that door. Jangan buka pintunya
I don’t agree either. Gua juga kagak setuju
She’s inside, asleep. Dia di dalem, lagi tidur.
The toilet is broken. Toiletnya rusak.
This is really tasty. Ini ni enak banget.
What day is it today? Hari apa ya ini?
What did he tell you? Dia cerita gimana?
Where's the bathroom? Di mana toiletnya?
You missed your stop. Yah, lu udah ketinggalan bus itu.
Could you repeat that? Ulangi dong
Give me the blue bowl. Ambilin mangkok biru itu si.
How do you feel today? Gimana hari ini?
I'll pay for the meal. Gua aja yang traktir.
The window won’t open. Jendelanya kagak mau kebuka.
This is your new desk. Ini meja barumu.
Don’t close the window. Gausah ditutup jendelanya.
My phone is pretty old. Handphone ku jadul banget.
Tell me about your job. Ceritain si kerjaanmu gimana.
The pen is on the desk. Pulpennya ada di meja.
Where can I get a taxi? Dimana gua bisa mesen taksi?
Your son is very smart. Anak bujangmu cerdas banget ya.
Don't fall in the river. Jangan nyemplung itu sungai.
How much does this cost? Berapaan ini?
I can’t find my bicycle. Gatau sepeda gua di mana.
I can’t open the window. Gua gabisa buka itu jendela.
I need to buy new shoes. Gua kudu beli sepatu baru nih.
That's a weird question. Pertanyaan yang menggelikan.
Wait a minute, I'm busy. Bentar, gua lagi sibuk.
What was her name again? Siapa namanya?
Where’s the nearest ATM? ATM paling deket mana ya?
Why was the road closed? Lah kenapa tutup jalan ini?
You're driving too fast! Kenceng amat ngendarainya!
Be careful on the stairs. Hati-hati kalo di lantai atas.
Do you know how to drive? Tau caranya ngendarai?
How can I clean my shirt? Gimana gua bisa nyuci pakaian ini?
I don't think I know her. Kayaknya gua ga kenal dia.
I need to fix my bicycle. Gua harus benerin motor.
I'll call you in an hour. Ntar gua hubungi sejam lagi.
Let’s stop here and rest. Berenti sini dulu sambil istirahat.
Red is my favorite color. Merah itu warna kesukaan gua.
Sometimes we don’t agree. Kadang juga kita ga sependapat.
Today is a beautiful day. Ni hari bagus banget dah.
We live in that building. Kita tinggal di gedung itu.
Where are you going next? Lu mau kemana lagi abis ini?
Come in, it's hot outside. Masuk aja, di luar panas.
Do you recognize that man? Lu tau pria itu?
Do you want to have lunch? Mau makan siang gak?
Give me a bottle of water. Ambilin air kemasan itu si.
Help me wash these dishes. Bantuin gua nyuci itu cucian.
I didn't bring my glasses. Gua ga bawa kacamata.
I don’t know how to drive. Gua gatau gimana ngendarainnya.
I have to work late again. Gua kudu begadang nugas lagi.
I need to buy white socks. Gua kudu beli kaos kaki baru nih.
I think I know who she is. Gua kayaknya tau deh siapa dia.
Somebody stole my bicycle. Ada yang nyuri sepeda gua.
Which key opens this door? Kunci yang mana bisa buka pintu ini?
All the roads here are new. Jalan di sini pada baru semua.
Canada is in North America. Kanada itu di Amerika Serikat.
I'm twenty-three years old. Gua sekarang 23 tahun.
Is there a local beer here? Ada beer lokal gak di sini?
Most cameras are expensive. Kebanyakan kamera itu mahal-mahal.
My glasses are dirty again. Kacamataku berembun lagi.
Please turn off your phone. Tolong matiin telfonnya.
We don't have any more ice. Kita udah ga ada es lagi.
We don’t have to leave now. Ga seharusnya kita pergi sekarang.
Where did you put my shoes? Lu taro mana sepatu gua?
Why won’t this window open? Kok gabisa dibuka si jendelanya?
Ask him what he's doing now. Tanya dia lagi ngapain sekarang.
Close the refrigerator door. Tutup pintu kulkasnya.
Damn, I got oil on my pants. Sial, ada minyak di celana gua.
Do you know where my car is? Lu tau motor gua di mana?
He stopped reading the book. Dia udah kagak baca buku lagi.
I don’t have any more water. Gua udah ga ada persediaan air lagi.
I get paid every four weeks. Gua bayaran tiap empat minggu.
I left my phone in the taxi! HP gua ketinggalan di taksi!
I like to wake up early too. Gua bisanya bagun pagi.
Why did you come home early? Kok tumben pulang cepet?
Why were they out of coffee? Kenapa mereka pada ngopi di luar?
You can turn off the TV now. Lu bisa matiin TV nya sekarang.
You speak English very well. Lu jago banget ngomong bahasa Inggrisnya.
Your idea sounds good to me. Idemu mantap bro.
Call me if anything comes up. Hubungi gua kalo ada apa-apa.
Can you teach me how to cook? Ajarin gua masak dong
Don’t call me in the morning. Jangan hubungi gua pagi-pagi.
He’s inside, eating porridge. Dia di dalem, makan bubur.
Hop in, I'll give you a ride. Gua bakal nebengin lu.
How long have you lived here? Udah berapa lama di sini?
I didn’t bring another shirt. Gua ga bawa baju lain lagi.
I don’t remember going there. Gua ga inget pernah kesana.
I don’t speak English at all. Gua gabisa ngomong bahasa Inggris sama sekali
I forgot to pay for my lunch. Gua lupa belom bayar makanan gua.
I never learned how to drive. Gua ga pernah belajar ngendarai.
Let me see your train ticket. Liat sini tiket kereta mu.
The bathroom is really clean. Kamar mandinya bersih banget.
What a strange place this is. Tempat yang aneh.
What happened to her new car? Mobil barunya kenapa?
Can you say that again please? Ulangi dong
Can you speak a little louder? Bisa lebih kenceng ngomongnya?
Can your laptop fit in my bag? Laptopmu masuk gak ke tasku?
Do you want ice in your drink? Mau dikasih es ga minumannya?
Don’t give him any more money. Gausah kasih dia duit lagi.
He bought a nice new backpack. Dia beli tas gendong bagus.
I don’t like eating mushrooms. Gua ga doyan makan jamur.
I don’t want her to sleep now. Gua ga mau dia tidur sekarang.
I think you’ll like this book. Lu pasti bakal suka buku ini.
I'd like another bowl of soup. Mau lagi dong semangkuk sopnya.
I'm sorry, I don't understand. Maap, gua ga paham.
Let me borrow your cell phone. Minjem HP mu sini.
My seat is next to the window. Kursi gua sebelahan sama jendela.
Thailand is in Southeast Asia. Thailand ada di Asia Tenggara.
The tickets were all sold out. Tiketnya udah kejual semua.
Would you like some hot water? Mau air anget?
You have to pay for your meal. Lu sana bayar makanannya.
Do you remember the day we met? Inget pas pertama kita ketemu gak?
Drink this, you'll feel better. Minum nih, biar enakan.
How do you say this in English? Gimana ngomongnya di bahasa Inggris?
I think it might rain tomorrow. Kayaknya bakal ujan besok.
I usually take the bus to work. Biasanya gua naek bus.
I'll be home in a few minutes. Gua bentar lagi di rumah.
My credit card is in my wallet. Kartu kredit gua ada di dompet.
My motorcycle is all fixed now. Motorku dah bisa sekarang.
There are seven days in a week. Seminggu ada tujuh hari.
These things are too expensive. Gila, ini mahal banget.
They can speak three languages. Dia bisa ngomong tiga bahasa.
This road will open next month. Jalan ini bakal dibuka bulan depan.
What time do we have to arrive? Jam berapa bakal nyampe?
Which hotel are you staying in? Lu tinggal di hotel mana?
Why do you like the color blue? Kok lu suka biru kenapa?
Would you please explain again? Ulangi lagi dong.
Be careful not to burn yourself. Hati-hati jangan bikin gua menggebu-gebu.
Can you explain your idea to me? Jelasin si maksud lo apa.
I can only find one of my shoes. Gua Cuma dapet sebelah sepatu gua.
I like to go on long bike rides. Gua bakalan bersepeda agak lama.
I think she's being really rude. Kasar banget dia.
I'm tired and I want to go home. Capek gua, pengen balik.
Look at the sign above the door. Liat noh tulisan di atas pintu itu.
My boss didn’t pay me this week! Gua kagak dibayar minggu ini sama bos gua.
My keys were under the magazine. Kunciku ada di bawah majalah.
My mom can speak five languages. Nyokap gua bisa ngomong lima bahasa.
Oh no, I didn’t bring my wallet! Sial, gua ga bawa dompet.
She wasn’t careful and got hurt. Dia kagak hati-hati makanya begitu.
You should be at work right now. Lu kudu di kantor sekarang.
You’ll need to find another way. Cari jalan lain lagi.
I invited nine friends to dinner. Gua ngundang sembilan sobat gua buat makan malam.
I saw her, but she didn’t see me. Gua liat dia, tapi dia kagak liat gua.
I want you to buy me a new phone. Beliin gua HP baru sih.
I'm not sure your idea will work. Gua ga yakin ini bisa.
Sorry, I'm really busy this week. Maap, gua minggu ini suibuk banget
This is the most important thing. Ini hal paling penting.
What was that word you just said? Lu bilang apa barusan?
Will you go to bed early tonight? Lu mending tidur cepet ya malem ini.
Can I pay with a credit card here? Bisa dibayar pake kartu kredit nggak?
Could I have my drink without ice? Minumku gausah dikasih es.
Do you work, or are you a student? Lu kerja, apa sekola/kuliah?
He's using the computer right now. Dia lagi make komputer itu sekarang.
I read a great book the other day. Gua baca buku keren banget kapan hari itu.
I want to sleep ten hours tonight. Gua mau tidur sepuluh jam malem ini.
I wish there was an elevator here. Coba aja ada elevator di sini.
Is there anyone inside this house? Ada orang di dalem nggak?
The children are watching a movie. Bocah-bocah lagi pada nonton film.
The highway goes through the city. Jalan utama itu sampe ke kota.
The sign on the door says “closed” Tulisannya "tutup"
They walked to the store together. Mereka jalan ke toko bareng-bareng.
This chair isn't very comfortable. Kursi ini kagak nyaman banget.
Turn off the light when you leave. Matiin lampunya kalo lu pergi.
Why are you staying in that hotel? Lu kenapa tinggal di hotel?
Are they eating porridge right now? Lu lagi makan bubur ya?
Can I sit at a table by the window? Gua bisa duduk deket jendela nggak?
Don't stand too close to this door. Jangan berdiri deket banget sama pintu.
How many houses are on this street? Ada berapa rumah di jalan ini?
How many years have you lived here? Udah berapa lama lu tinggal di sini?
I don’t feel comfortable right now. Gua ga nyaman banget sekarang.
I try to wake up early on weekends. Gua udah usaha buat bangun pagi pas akhir pekan.
Open the box and see what's inside. Buka kotaknya, liat ada apaan di dalemnya.
She has a lot of things in her bag. Banyak banget barangnya di tasnya.
She sat at the table by the window. Dia duduk di deket jendela.
That woman looks a lot like my mom. Cewek itu kaya nyokap gua.
The flight takes about eight hours. Penerbangannya sekitar delapan jam.
There's a lot of people here today. Banyak orang di sini sekarang.
What do you want to eat for dinner? Mau makan apa ntar malem?
Would you turn on the light for me? Tolong si idupin lampunya.
Don’t be afraid of trying new things Gausah takut nyoba hal baru.
Excuse me, do you sell cameras here? Permisi, di sini jual kamera?
He waited for her outside the hotel. Cowok itu nunggu si cewek di luar hotel.
I don’t usually stay in nice hotels. Gua gak biasa nginap di hotel bagus.
I have a bad feeling about that guy. Gua punya firasat buruk sama cowok itu.
I spilled oil all over my new shoes. Gua numpahin minyak di sepatu baru gua.
I’d rather not have ice in my drink. Gua lebih milih ga pake es.
I’ll be late because of the traffic. Gua bakalan telat soalnya macet.
It's hard to climb all these stairs. Capek banget naek tangga ini.
They were both wearing black shirts. Mereka berdua pada pake kaos hitam.
When I was a kid, we had three dogs. Pas gua masih kecil, gua punya tiga anjing.
Will you cook dinner for us tonight? Lu mau gak masakin buat makan malam?
Would you rather have tea or coffee? Mau teh apa kopi?
I don’t know what he’s wearing today. Gua gak tau dia pake baju apa hari ini.
I try not to buy things I don’t need. Gua berusaha gak beli apa yang gak gua butuhin.
I'm really interested in photography. Gua suka banget fotografi.
I've only been here for a few months. Gua baru di sini beberapa bulan doang.
I’m sorry, I was rude to you earlier. Maap, gua udah kasar banget barusan.
Mexico is south of the United States. Mexico ada di bagian selatan Amerika Serikat.
My hotel is pretty far from downtown. Hotelku lumayan jauh dari kota.
Sit quietly and don't talk to anyone. Dia bener-bener gak ngomong ke siapa-siapa.
That's a nice shirt, I like it a lot. Bagus banget kaosnya, suka gua.
This book is too hard for me to read. Bukunya susah banget buat gua baca.
Don’t drink the tea yet, it’s too hot. Jangan dulu diminum, panas benget masihan.
Drink your tea slowly if it's too hot. Minum pelan-pelan teh nya kalo masih panas.
I can't right now, maybe another time. Gua gak bisa sekarang, kapan-kapan ya.
I didn’t understand what he just said. Gua gak ngerti dia barusan ngomong apa.
I never learned how to use a computer. Gua ga pernah belajar gunain komputer.
I parked my car behind the restaurant. Gua parkir di belakang restoran.
I'll get off the bus at the next stop. Gua turun di bus pas pemberhentian abis ini
I’ve lived here for just about a year. Gua tinggal di sini sekitar setahun lalu.
I’ve never seen a dog that big before. Gak pernah gua liat anjing segede itu.
Lemons are yellow and limes are green. Lemon itu kuning, kalo jeruk nipis ijo.
She told him something very important. Dia cerita sesuatu yang penting.
Thank you very much for all your help. Makasih banget buat bantuannya.
That’s the biggest dog I’ve ever seen. Itu anjing tergede yang pernah gua liat.
They try to read one book every month. Mereka nyobain baca buku tiap bulan.
Turn left here - no, wait, turn right. Belok kiri kesini- eh, ke kanan.
We have a small room under the stairs. Kita ada ruangan kecil di bawah tangga.
You can stay at my place this weekend. Lu bisa tinggal tempat gua akhir pekan ini.
You look good no matter what you wear. Lu tetep keliatan bagus pake apaaja.
Are you sure you don’t know the answer? Beneran lu gak tau jawabannya?
Can I talk to you outside for a minute? Bisa ngobrol bentar gak di luar?
Do you think this movie is interesting? Menurutmu film ini bagus?
I have the same name as my grandfather. Nama gua sama persis kaya kakek gua.
If you have a problem, ask me for help. Kalo ada masalah, bilang aja.
She had iced coffee with her breakfast. Dia minum es kopi pas sarapan.
The bottle fell on the floor and broke. Botolnya jatoh ke lantai dan pecah.
The bus should arrive in a few minutes. Bus bakal dateng bentar lagi.
The package should arrive in five days. Barangnya bakal dateng beberapa hari lagi.
The pen didn't work so I threw it away. Pen nya gak bisa, yaudah tak buang.
The sky is blue and the grass is green. Langitnya biru dan rumputnya ijo.
We’ll go buy some new clothes tomorrow. Beli aja baju besok.
Excuse me, could you take a photo of us? Maap, bisa tolong fotoin kita?
How long have you been learning English? Udah berapa lama belajar bahasa Inggris?
I don’t know why the bus isn’t here yet. Gua gak tau kok bis nya belom nyampe.
I finished reading the book you gave me. Gua baru aja selesai baca buku yang lu kasih.
Japan is famous for having four seasons. Jepang terkenal dengan empat musimnya.
Sorry, you can't bring your dog in here. Maap, gak boleh bawa anjing ke sini.
We don’t have any more bottles of water. Kita udah gak punya botol minum lagi.
What did he want to meet with you about? Mau ngapain dia ketemu kamu?
Why do I always have to wash the dishes? Kenapa gua lagi si yang kudu nyuci ini cucian?
Do you know where they went last weekend? Lu tau gak mereka mau pada kemana akhir pekan ini?
Excuse me, is there a supermarket nearby? Permisi, ada supermarket gak deket-deket sini?
I came early so I wouldn't miss anything. Gua dateng cepet biar ga ketinggalan.
I didn’t see your message until just now. Gua gak baca pesanmu sampe sekarang.
I take the bus because I don’t own a car. Gua naek bis soalnya kagak punya mobil.
I used to live on the other side of town. Gua dulu tinggal di deket kota.
I'm too tired to watch a movie right now. Gua capek banget buat nonton film sekarang.
My phone runs out of battery pretty fast. HP gua cepet boros banget baterenya.
Nigeria is the largest country in Africa. Nigeria adalah negara paling besar di Afrika.
They fell in love while working together. Mereka kasmaran pas kerja bareng.
What did you eat for breakfast yesterday? Lu kemaren sarapan pake apa?
He got a new job that pays a lot more now. Dia dapet kerjaan yang bayarannya gede.
I can’t remember how to say it in English. Gua lupa gimana cara ngomongnya pake bahasa Inggris
I usually sleep about eight hours a night. Gua biasnya tidur delapan jam sehari.
I've been learning English for six months. Gua belajar bahasa Inggris enam bulan.
I’m hungry because I didn’t eat breakfast. Gua laper soalnya belom sarapan.
Keep going forward about a hundred meters. Lurus aja sekitar seratur meter.
My apartment is too small for four people. Apartemenku terlalu kecil buat empat orang.
She said it too fast for me to understand. Dia ngomong cepet banget.
The street food here is cheap and healthy. Makanan pinggiran jalan di sini murah dan sehat.
Wait a moment, I think I forgot something. Bentar, kayaknya gua lupa sesuatu.
We can't go out now, everything is closed. Kita gak bisa pergi sekarang, semuanya pada tutup.
When I was a kid we only had one computer. Pas gua masih kecil, gua Cuma punya satu komputer.
You forgot to lock the door when you left. Lu lupa buat nutuo pintu pas keluar.
You should wait here until she comes back. Lu kudu nunggu dia sampe dia balik.
He's wearing a white shirt and black pants. Dia pake kaos putih dan celana hitam.
How long have you been here waiting for me? Udah berapa lama lu nungguin gua?
I don’t like the weather this time of year. Gua gak suka cuaca tahun ini.
It costs a lot of money to buy a big house. Mahal banget buat beli rumah.
It's not easy to speak a new language well. Gak gampang ngomong pake bahasa baru dengan baik.
The mirror was broken so I got it for free. Kacanya rusak, jadi gua ga bayar.
There are too many words I don’t know here. Banyak banget kosakata yang gak gua ngerti di sini.
He closed the door and turned off the light. Dia nutup pintu dan matiin lampu.
He loves his son and his daughter very much. Dia mencintai anak laki-laki dan perempuannya.
Her dad won’t let me drive his car any more. Ayahnya gak akan ngebolehin dia naek mobil lagi.
I can teach you how to improve your writing. Gua bisa ngajarin gimana ningkatin kemampuan menulis.
I wrote you a note and left it on the table. Gua nulis pesan dan gua taro di meja.
It's dangerous to walk on the road at night. Bahaya jalan di jalan gede kalo malem.
The gate was closed, so I couldn't drive in. Gerbangnya udah ditutup, gua gak bisa masuk.
The supermarket usually has a sale going on. Supermarketnya biasanya ada diskon.
They read a lot of books in their free time. Dia baca banyak buku pas punya waktu senggang.
This plate used to belong to my grandmother. Piring ini punya nenekku.
Turn off your computer and turn it on again. Matiin komputernya, terus idupin lagi.
We sat and waited at the office for an hour. Kita duduk sembari nunggu di kantor selama sejam.
You don’t need a jacket if it’s hot outside. Lu gak perlu bawa jaket kalo di luar panas.
He speaks English badly, with a heavy accent. Dia ngomong bahasa Inggrisnya jelek banget, logatnya medok.
I’ve never had to wash so many dishes before. Gua gak pernah nyuci sebanyak ini,.
It's hard to hear you when you speak quietly. Susah didengerin kalo lu ngomong pelan banget kaya gitu.
It’s hard for me to understand foreign films. Susah buat gua paham film pake bahasa asing.
My mom has green eyes, but I have brown eyes. Nyokap gua matanya berwarna hijau, tapi mataku coklat.
People worry too much about money these days. Orang-orang jaman sekarang takut banget masalah duit.
There are two big trees in front of my house. Ada dua pohon gede di depan rumah gua.
Here's an old picture from when I was a child. Ini foto pas aku kecil.
I bought a few presents when I went to France. Gua beli beberapa hadia pas gua ke Perancis.
I don’t have the money to pay for a new phone. Gua gak punya duit buat beli HP baru.
I'm so embarrassed, I can't remember her name. Malu banget gua, lupa gak inget siapa namanya.
I’d like to buy a new laptop and a new camera. Gua pengen banget beli laptop sama kamera baru.
My dad is planning a vacation for this summer. Bokap gua rencana bakal liburan musim panas ini.
What’s in the building across from the school? Ada apa di bangunan sebrang sekolah?
Brazil is the largest country in South America. Brazil adalah negara terbesar di Amerika Selatan.
Help me lift this box and put it on that shelf. Bantuin gua masukin kotak ini ke laci.
I really don’t like getting caught in the rain. Gua bener-bener gak suka keujanan.
I went to a museum and saw beautiful paintings. Gua pergi ke museum dan banyak banget lukisan bagus.
It’s Sunday, so maybe the bus won’t come today. Ini Minggu, paling gak ada bis.
The air conditioning inside the bus was broken. AC di bis rusak.
When I was a student I was never late to class. Pas gua masih sekolah, gua gak pernah telat.
How much does it cost to buy a small house here? Beli rumah kecil di sini berapaan?
Madagascar is an island off the coast of Africa. Madagaskar adalah pulau di Afrika.
The red shirt costs as much as the orange shirt. Kaos merah itu sama aja harganya kaya yang orange.
He spends all his free time playing on his phone. Waktunya dia habisin buat maen HP doang.
I don’t drive because I like to walk most places. Gua gak naek kendaraan soalnya gua suka jalan.
I don’t want to eat right now, I don’t feel well. Gua gak napsu makan, lagi gak eak badan.
I got up early to go for a bike ride before work. Gua bangun pagi naek sepeda pas berangkat kerja.
I sold all the clothes that I don't wear anymore. Gua jualin baju-baju yang udah gak kepake.
I think this is one of the oldest stores in town. Gua pikir ini adalah toko tertua di kota ini.
I’m worried that our driver doesn’t know the way. Gua khawatir kalo driver kita gak tau jalan.
My glasses were broken, so I had to buy new ones. Kacamataku rusan, gua harus beli lagi yang baru.
Some cities are large, and some cities are small. Beberapa kota itu besar, ada juga yang kecil.
There's a great restaurant just two streets away. Ada restoran bagus di sua jalan ke depan.
You should try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Lu kudu coba makan buah dan sayur.
Bus tickets are always cheaper than train tickets. Tiket bus selalu lebih murah dibanding kereta.
I came late, so I missed the start of the meeting. Gua dateng telat, gua ketinggalan rapat pas bagian awal.
I used to know how to speak English, but I forgot. Gua dulu inget cara ngomong pake bahasa Inggris, tapi sekarang lupa.
If I got up earlier, I wouldn’t be late for class. Kalo gua bangun awal, gak akan gua telat ke kelas.
If your hands are dirty, wash them before you eat. Kalo tangan kotor, cuci dulu.
My dad doesn’t want you to drive his car any more. Bokap gua gak mau lu ngendarai motornya lagi.
My grandfather lived in that house his whole life. Kakek gua tinggal di rumah itu sepanjang hidupnya.
We ordered too much food, so we brought some home. Dia mesen banyak banget makanan, jadi kita bungkus bawa pulang.
What do you know about the people in this picture? Apa yang lu tau dari orang-orang di foto ini?
You shouldn’t spend too much time on the computer. Lu gak seharusnya lama-lama di depan komputer.
He spends a lot of money on things he doesn’t need. Dia ngabisin uang banyak buat sesuatu yang dia gak butuhin.
I like to learn about other languages and cultures. Gua suka belajar bahasa dan budaya yang berbeda.
This bed is longer than the one I sleep on at home. Kasurnya lebih panjang dari yang tak tidurin di rumah.
A restaurant is a place to sit down and have a meal. Restoran adalah tempat buat duduk dan makan.
India is one of the largest countries by population. India adalah salah satu negara yang popolasinya membludak.
It's tough to cook food if the kitchen is too small. Susah masak di dapur yang kecil.
There's a lot of traffic so I might be late to work. Macet banget, gua bakalan telat.
He gave her something so that she would remember him. Gua kasih dia sesutau biar dia bisa inget sama yang ngasih.
He waited for her to arrive before ordering his food. Dia nunggu kedatangan sobatnya sebelum mesen makanan.
Let's go to the same restaurant we went to yesterday. Kuy ke restoran kemaren lagi!
Taking the bus is usually cheaper than taking a taxi. Naik bis lebih murah ketimbang taksi.
The room was empty except for a table and two chairs. Ruangannya sepi banget Cuma ada kursi sama meja aja.
There's a huge, heavy gate in front of that old house. Ada gerbang gede dan berat di depan rumah itu.
You can get a good price for meat at the local market. Lu bisa daprtin harga daging murah di pasar lokal.
A year has twelve months, so six months is half a year. Setahun ada duabelas bulan, jadi setengah tahun ya enam bulan.
If I take a nap now, I won’t be able to sleep at night. Kalo gua tidur siang, gua gak bisa tidur malem.
If you burn your hand, you should put it in cold water. Kalo kepala lo kepanasan, cemplungin ke air dingin.
We used to live in that building, but we don’t anymore. Kita pernah tinggal di tempat itu, tapi sekarang udah enggak.
Do you have any old clothes that you don't wear anymore? Lu punya baju lain yang gak dipake lagi?
I don’t think it’ll rain today because the sky is clear. Gua pikir gak akan hujan karena langitnya cerah.
I missed the stop, I'll have to get off at the next one. Gua ketinggalan, gua kudu nunggu lagi.
This camera is expensive because it was made in Germany. Kamera ini mahal karena ini buatan Jerman.
This is my first time eating in such a fancy restaurant. Ini kali pertamanya gua makan di restoran mewah kaya gini.
The store is closed now because the owners are traveling. Tokonya tutup soalnya yang punya lagi liburan.
I can understand him even though he speaks with an accent. Gua bisa ngerti dia ngomong apa dengan logatnya.
I was at the mall yesterday and saw an old friend of mine. Gua ke mall kemaren dan ngeliat temen lama gua.
He said that he wants me to give you a ride to the airport. Dia bilang dia mau nganterin lu ke bandara.
The last time I came here, none of these buildings existed. Terakhir gua kesini, gak ada bangunan sama sekali.
I can only speak a little English, but I want to learn more. Gua cuma bisa bahasa Inggris sedikit, tapi gua mau belajar lagi.
I think traveling is one of the best ways to spend a vacation. Gua rasa liburan adala cara terbaik buat ngabisin masa liburan.
When the weather is hot like this, I never want to do anything. Pas cuacanya panas kaya gini, Gua mager mau ngapa-ngapain.
I should be at work right now, but I decided to come home early. Gua kudu kerja sekarang tapi gua udah rencanain buat balik cepet.
Yesterday it was pretty cold, but today is actually kind of warm. Kemaren dingin banget, tapi hari ini agak panas.
Hawaii is part of the United States, even though it’s very far away. Hawaii adalah bagian dari Amerika Serikat walaupun jauh.
If you're going to walk in front of me, walk a little faster please. Kalo lu jalan di depan gua, agak cepet tolong.
If you really want to learn a language, you have to practice every day. Kalo lu bener-bener pengen belajar bahasa, lu kudu praktik tiap harinya.
I can speak English pretty well, but it’s hard for me to read newspapers. Gua bisa ngomong bahasa Inggris dengan baik, tapi susah buat baca koran.
She stopped practicing English, so she’ll probably forget how to speak it. Dia berenti praktik ngomong pake Bahasa Inggris, makanya dia lupa cara ngomongnya.
He won’t go back to that restaurant because he got sick after eating there. Dia gak bakal balik lagi ke restoran itu soalnya dia sakit abis makan di sana.
I’ve lived here for a long time but I haven’t visited any of the cities nearby. Gua udah tinggal di sini lama tapi gua belum ngunjungi beberapa kota terdekat.