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Re: Spanish Group

Postby Brian84 » Sat Aug 08, 2020 3:28 am

iguanamon wrote:Welcome/bienvenido, Brian84. Good to see you here and looking forward to following your log. If you have the online link, legal of course, please edit your last post and include it.

I found it on a site called GoComics, which I wasn't familiar with, so I wanted to make sure it was legitimate before posting a link. It looks like it is, in fact, legitimate...though you'll have to endure ads unless you sign up for a premium account.

Here's the link: Calvin and Hobbes en Español. It's a translation of the original comic strip, the quality of which I can't vouch for, but maybe someone with (far) more Spanish knowledge than me can.

It looks like they have Spanish translations of a lot of other comic strips owned by the Andrews McMeel Universal syndicate.

For anyone who's interested in having parallel texts for Calvin and Hobbes...
The first day that Calvin and Hobbes en Español was published was March 1st, 2004.
That aligns with the original Calvin and Hobbes from February 7th, 1994.
It appears that they stay in sync from that point on, at least as far ahead as I've checked.
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Re: Spanish Group

Postby El Forastero » Sat Aug 22, 2020 6:40 pm

Kraut wrote:I don't quite understand "pero que minimo" (is there a verb missing?) and "no pasa nada" (does it mean "They don't bother to keep the customers satisfied"?

Estabamos super cansados y ni siquiera pregunté, pero qué mínimo una breve indicación de los servicios del hotel, ni siquiera me dijeron donde era el desayuno, ni el horario y tampoco me indican la clave wifi ni donde está escrita. En definitiva, el personal es poco amable, no pasa nada...

"No pasa nada" is a common expresion in Spain, but not in Latinamerica. It means "It's not a problem", "it's fine", "Don't bother about it"

I think "Pero qué mínimo" is an Anacoluthon. The speaker seems to start a sentence and suddenly start a nue one without finishing the first one. I suppose, the idea is:

"Estábamos super cansados y ni siquiera pregunté nada. Pero esperaba que mínimo nos dieran una breve indicación de los servicios del hotel. Ni siquiera me dijeron dónde era el desayuno, ni el horario, y tampoco me indicaron la clave wifi ni dónde estaba escrita"

(We were super tired an I didn't even ask the less thing. But I expected at least to be given a brief explanation about the hotel services. They didn't even tell me where the breakfast was, nor the schedule, nor they give me thw wifi password or where it was written)
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Re: Spanish Group

Postby tungemål » Sun Aug 23, 2020 8:56 am

New podcast by Olly Richards, with free transcript:
StoryTelling Spanish
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Re: Spanish Group

Postby MorkTheFiddle » Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:48 pm

El Forastero wrote:"No pasa nada" is a common expresion in Spain, but not in Latinamerica. It means "It's not a problem", "it's fine", "Don't bother about it"

Si no me equivoco, in Del Rio, Texas, se dicen, "no le hace."
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Re: Spanish Group

Postby klvik » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:37 pm

Another edition of the Tandem MOOC Spanish/English speaking practice course is about to begin. The free online course pairs up native English speakers with native Spanish speakers and provides tasks for you to do together, first in one language and then in the other. It is a great way to practice speaking with a variety of people. Typically, the majority of Spanish speakers are from Spain and the majority of English speakers are in the US, so sometimes it's a bit tricky to schedule sessions but it is worth the hassel. I've met most of my current conversation practice partners through this course.

If you are interested, check it out here:
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January 5, 2020
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