Russian Language [Scientific research]

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Russian Language [Scientific research]

Postby Alekseitranslator » Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:59 pm

Hello everybody,

I am Aleksei and I am native Russian speaker. I am here because I need your help. I am writing scientific research on the translation of contaminated (term in translation) speech (accents, dialects, speech disorders). Writers/screenwriters love to create unique characters (with peculiar pronunciation) in their books, movies, videogames. So we need a special system to translate all the peculiarities accurately.

The point is to create a system of methods for translating contaminated speech. I want to interview several people who are learning Russian at the moment. I want the interviewees to describe things that are the most difficult for them to understand and pronounce in Russian. It would be also great if you record several sentences in Russian that I write to you. I will not state your name in the research if you want. Everything will be anonymous. It would be really great if you help me.

If you wish I can help you with Russian, explain this or that rule because I am M.A. in Linguistics and Translation.

Thank you very much.
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