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Re: Duolingo Buddies Group

Postby peace263 » Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:19 am

Hi Duolingo People!

My Duolingo username is: peace263, same as in this forum. I'm on a 126 day streak at this point, June 2nd, 2021.

I used to live in Korea, China, and Saudi Arabia, teaching ESL to adults and kids in private schools, universities, and tutoring. I also briefly taught English to Chinese kids online.

There are three principles I use (actually more, but I won't go into them here) for Duolingo.

1. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
- This principles applies to language learning as well as all areas of life. To apply this principle I do two things.

2. Acquire vocabulary (and automatized, implicit grammar)
- Seeking to understand is Input. To get input, I need the words of the language. I use Duolingo to get more words, and also Pimsleur language programs.

The more words, phrases, sentences, and ideas I understand from their cultural perspective, the more comprehensible input I get from music, TV, and movies.

3. Increase input fluency (listening, reading, and observing (which is non-verbal) )
- Seeking to understand has two main parts. First words, then fluency. My language input fluency is the speed of my understanding on a gradient of slow to fast (or native), when exposed to native conversation or content like music, movies, or TV shows.

Music helps people remember what they are studying, and input from native content increases listening fluency, so I listen to a lot of Korean music right now.

Also, with Duolingo I practice reading, which is more input. Lastly, I watch TV shows and movies in Korean which gives me not only Korean listening input, but also observation input, or non-verbal body language which adds emotional context to the language input.

Using Duolingo along with Pimsleur gives me more words and input fluency and helps me acquire Korean.
I plan to learn to a mastery level.

Thanks for reading! See you on Duolingo!
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Re: Duolingo Buddies Group

Postby MAmani1991 » Thu Feb 22, 2024 3:31 pm

My Duolingo username is: MAmani1991
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