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Re: German group

Postby Lawyer&Mom » Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:46 pm

Sahmilat wrote:A few questions just occurred to me. I am planning to study in Germany, either next year as a study abroad year (I am starting my second year of university this year) or for my master's if my German is good enough by then. Possibly both. I had a couple of German-related questions I was hoping some of the experts here could answer:

1) Is there a particular university/city that you personally think I should try to experience in my study abroad? My main options are FU Berlin, Humboldt, and Leipzig, but I'm pretty sure I could study abroad at pretty much any major university I chose. Obviously depending on what I decide to do for my master's my decision will be very different, but if I am just studying for a year in my bachelors program I just want to learn more about German language and literature. Does any university have a particularly good reputation for that, or are all the big unis good choices?

2) What should I expect in terms of dialect? Obviously it depends on where I study, but if I went to, say, LMU München, would the professors and all the students speak Bayrisch, would there be a mix because of the diverse student population, or would official university things like lectures mostly be held in Hochdeutsch? If I want to live in Germany, which I do, I would likely need to learn a dialect, but I don't have a good idea of how the diglossia functions in universities.

Goettingen is a lovely medieval university town. It would be a great choice for an undergrad year. You might then pick a bigger city for your masters, once you have more experience with Germany under your belt.
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Re: German group

Postby DaveAgain » Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:12 pm

The Goethe eLibrary have given their website a facelift.
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Re: German group

Postby DaveAgain » Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:20 pm

Note for UK residents.

I was in WHSmith earlier, they had copies of Stern, Freundin, and Neue Post.

(There was also an italian magazine called Oggi and Paris-Match.)
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Re: German group

Postby DaveAgain » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:41 pm

Is it possible to download books from the Deutsch National Bibliothek?

They have a scan available of Stefan Zweig's Marie Antionette biography, and I'd like to be able to download a PDF version.

Catalogue entry ... 1032745541

Scanned book. ... 0/mode/1up

Gutenberg ... tte-6856/1

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Re: German group

Postby Doitsujin » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:00 pm

DaveAgain wrote:Is it possible to download books from the Deutsche National Bibliothek?
I don't know how to download the complete .pdf file either, however, it's relatively easy to convert Gutenberg DE books to epubs with third-party tools.
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Re: German group

Postby DaveAgain » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:08 pm

Doitsujin wrote:
DaveAgain wrote:Is it possible to download books from the Deutsche National Bibliothek?
I don't know how to download the complete .pdf file either, however, it's relatively easy to convert Gutenberg DE books to epubs with third-party tools.
Here's a download link for the .epub version, which you can convert to a .pdf file with Calibre.
Thanks for that :-)
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Re: German group

Postby joecleland » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:24 pm

I found this on Reddit while looking for French content. I'm not sure if this has already been posted here but I figured I would add just in case. It's quite comprehensive.

Posted byu/Missa_nna
6 months ago

The ultimate link guide to German
This a guide with links for different levels of German from A1-C2. For those of you who want to study in German and have already reached C1 I included some links for help regarding academic writing and other matters.

Disclaimer: I assume no liability! I found these links useful but I am not responsible for any content on their sites.


    1. Lingolia Grammar, grammar, grammar – though not many examples

    2. Deutschtraining More grammmar

    3. Easy Deutsch Grammart with great lists of exceptions

    4. short summary with vocabulary and exercises

    5. Schubert Verlag exercises for all levels

    6. Goethe Games and Exercises

    7. Klett Exercises

    8. Schubert Verlag PDF

    9. Longua Telc grammar and exercises for all levels

    10. Deutschlernen-blog

Reading and Listening

    1. Deutsche Welle! The allrounder for listening and reading

    2. 100 Stunden Deutschland Orientierungskurs

    3. Alumniportal: Listening, videos, exams

    4. Deutsch to go - Listening


    1. For German-English dictionaries I would use dict or leo

    2. Youtube ArchStandon

    3. Youtube fröhlichDeutsch

    4. Duden dictionary for advanced learners!

    5. Pons German-german dictionary for beginners

    6. Vocabulary A1-B1 Does not orientate on the Goethe A1-C1 scala but is a guide for elementary students. Therefore these words have been composed in a didactic way to introduce kids to writing and spelling. Nevertheless you may find some vocabulary you do not know. BIG minus: no articles!


    1. A1 Deutschkurs Uni Passau Complete grammar with exercises

    2. Hueber Grammatik course (A1-A2) with vocabulary: course for self-learning

    3. Lingolia Grammar with many pictures for visual learner

    4. Deutsch als Fremdsprache grammar guide (A1-A2.1)

    5. Deutsche Grammatik practise Grammar exercises (A1-A2)
Youtube Movie from Deutsche Welle Movie A1
Krimi story on youtube (A1-A2) The reader has an accent though – I think a French one.

A lot of people begin with stories for children and fairytales. Do not do this! Reading material for children does not equal A1 since advanced grammar is used, as well as a lot of words A1 does not cover!
Magic German Stories A1-A2 stories
Deutsche Welle A1 article
Search for “A1 Geschichten” in the internet and you will find books with extra written A1 stories.

Goethe A1 full vocabulary list scroll down for a full list of Goethe A1 vocabulary


    1. A1 Telc exam

    2. A1 Goethe exam

    3. Cib exam

    4. Sprachenportal A1 exam



    1. Deutschkurs A2 Uni Passau Complete grammar with exercises

    2. Hueber course (A1-A2) with vocabulary: course for self-learning

    3. Grammar Deutsch als Fremdsprache (A1-A2.1)

    4. Deutsche Grammatik Grammar exercises (A1-A2)

    5. Sprachschule München exercises Übungen

Youtube Movie Deutsche Welle A2 A2 Film

Deutsche Welle A2 Artikel

Emil und die Detektive von Erich Kästner (A2.2)
Das fliegende Klassenzimmer von Erich Kästner (A2.2)
Die drei ??? von verschiedenen Autoren (A2.2-B1)
Die kleine Hexe von Otfreid Preuß (and his other books)
It is difficult to find books to read at A2. If you want a real challenge, check out the B1 but be sure that it is very exhausting to great because of the massive vocabulary.

Goethe A1 vocabulary full vocabulary list


    1. Goethe A2 exam

    2. Sprachenportal A2 exam

    3. Talc A2 exam



    1. Deutschkurs Uni Passau B1 Complete guide with exercises

    2. Deutsche Grammatik B1 Grammar exercises (B1-B2)


    1. Start listening to radio dramas! There are a lot on youtube: For example:
    Die drei Fragezeichen. Here on Youtube
    Tina und Tini Here on Youtube
    Hanni und Nanni Here on Youtube

    2. Listening to audio books/ „Hörbücher“
    Harry Potter: For example Harry Potter. You would have to buy the original audio book with the great voice of Rufus Beck but this free one has a clearer pronunciation

    3. TV look at B2.

    4. Deutschlandfunk Nova Great for listening and reading! Check out their Facebook page! They often post videos with subtitles (B1-C2)

    5. Movies/Series
    One example of a free movie on youtube

    Y-Kollektiv channel documentaries in German. Turn on the subtitles. Interesting topics.
    Tipp: If you have DVDs at home, switch the language to German and add German subtitles

Reading: Get a feeling for the language. While it is exhausting at first keep going! After one book you will see how much easier it is.
Again Deutschlandfunk Nova
Deutsche Welle B1 articles

Die drei ??? von verschiedenen Autoren (A2.2-B1)
Die Welle von Morthon Rue
Der Junge im gestreiften Pyjama von John Boyne
Die unendliche Geschichte von Michael Ende
König der Diebe von Cornelia Funkt (B1.2)
Ronja Räubertochter von Astrid Lindgren (and all her other books. Notice that these are older books)
If you have read Harry Potter in your native language, try it in German.

Goethe B1 vocabulary list
Goethe List B1.1 with example sentences


    1. Goethe B1 exam

    2. Sprachportal exam

    3. Osd exam B1

    4. Telc exam B1 adults

    5. Telc exam B1

    6. Telc exam B1 students



    1. Deutschkurs B2 Uni Passau Complete guide with exercises

    2. Deutsche Grammatik Grammar exercises (B1-B2)

    1. Again “Hörspiele”.Fünf Freunde Hörspiel for example
    2. and Hörbücher:
    3. Podcasts:
    Coldmirror Harry Potter Podcasts!!! this is great (not only for Harry Potter Fans). Though requires a good knowledge of the Umgangssprache...but that’s why you should listen to it
    Podcast Fest und Flauschig a lot of popcultural references
    Podcast Sanft und Sorgfältig
    Endgame Podcast (Spoiler)
    4. TV
    Tagesschau (news) (100 Sekunden Tagesschau)
    Deutsche Welle easier than the Tagesschau
    Das Erste TV for free
    Pro7 livestream
    RTL ganze Folgen
    and my favorite: Arte

Some German series: (not for everyones taste but great for learning German)
    Huber und Staller (Krimi/Comedy)
    Doctors Diary (Romance, Comedy)
    Türkisch für Anfänger (Family/Comedy)
    Dark (Thriller/Mystery)
    Babylon Berlin (History/Drama)
    Club der roten Bänder (Drama/Comedy)
    Stromberg (German The Office version)
    Familie Braun (Comedy about Neo-Nazis) -> on youtube

Some German movies: (not everyones taste but great for learning German)
    Fuck ju Göthe 1-3 (Comedy)
    Er ist wieder da (Comedy)
    Honig im Kopf (Family/Comedy) -> all movies of Till Schweiger are like this e.g. Keinohrhase (Family/Romance)
    Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (Comedy)
    Das Boot (Drama)
    Der geilste Tag (Comedy/Drama) -> Matthias Schweighöfer has also tons of movies
    Das Leben der Anderen (DDR/Drama)
    Traumschiff Surprise (Comedy) -> Bully Herbigs movies are like all time memes
    If you have no concerns about illegal streaming, you find tons of German dubbed series on, movies on

    In no other way does your vocabulary expand faster! But do not make the mistake and look every word up you do not know! If you get the context, it is okay. Otherwise reading is just a drag.
    Newspaper: Die Zeit
    Newspaper: Die Süddeutsche
    Deutsche Welle B2 Artikel
    Tintenherz von Cornelia Funke (great choice of words)
    Tschick von Wolfgang Herrndorf
    Der Fall Collini von Ferdinand von Schirach
    …..and all other books


    1. Goethe exam B2 (1)

    2. Goethe exam B2 (2)

    3. Sprachportal B2 exam


    1. Deutschkurs Uni Passau C1 Complete guide

    2. Deutsche Grammatik C1 Exercises


    1. TV s. B2

    2. Advanced audio books

    3. Youtubers

    4. Heute Show: political satire

    5. Wdr free documentaries

Deutsche Welle C1 Artikel

Er ist wieder da von Timur Vernes
Sturz der Titanen von Ken Follett
and every book there is + newspaper


    1. DSH-Information Beispiele für DSH-Prüfungen

    2. DSH Beispiele Vorbereitung auf die DSH-Prüfung!

    3. Bisle-Müller, Hansjörg (2009): Fit für die DSH: Tipps und Übungen. Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Hueber Verlag.

    4. Goethe C1 exam

Vocabulary: no list.
    Deutschlich: Redemittel Statistik
    Redemittel Statistik Redemittel Statistik
    Redemittel Statistik Redemittel Statistik

C1 means writing, writing, writing. The gap between B2 and C1 is the biggest – especially in formal writing many lack.

C2/Preparing for university/et al.

No grammar here
Schubert exercises C1


    1. Middlemann, Doris: Sprechen Hören Sprechen. Übungen zur deutschen Aussprache. Hueber Verlag.

    2. Sadly, no great books here. Best way would be to imitate a speaker. So, listen and repeat.

Academic writing:

    1. Esselborn-Krumbiegel Helga (2017): Richtig wissenschaftlich schreiben: Wissenschaftssprache in Regeln und Übungen. Uni Tipps: Band 3429.

    2. Kastantis-Glotz, Jo (2006): Sprechen Schreiben Mitreden: Training von Vortrag und Aufsatz in der Oberstufe.

Most complicated for non-natives is taking notes while listening! Please practice this. Listen to one of the many lectures of universities on Youtube and try to take notes. The difficulty is writing down what has been said – in your own word - while listening to new input.
Example: Beispiel Vorlesung


    1. Goethe Redewendungen Ein hübsches, interaktives, leider nicht sehr umfangreiches Sprichwörter-Quiz, bei dem man einiges lernen kann.

    2. Opera Eine umfangreiche Sprichwörtersammlung. Wenn man mal wissen will, was es so alles gibt.

    3. Das Grossez Eine Datenbank für Sprichwörter, Zitate und Aphorismen für jede Gelegenheit.

Exam: Goethe C2 Examen

Ultimate German listening practice: Listen to German rap (fast!) and watch regional TV like Bayerischer Rundfunk to get a hang on the dialects.

Reading: You should begin to read German classicals to get a feeling for old German writing patterns:
Try: Kafka -Die Verwandlung, Thomas Mann – Tod in Venedig and ETA Hoffmann – Der Schimmelreiter to begin with.

I hope this gave some of you an orientation how to improve your German.
Input is the best way to learn a language.
Switch you phone language to German!
Try taking notes for grocery shopping in German!
Walking home? Name the things you see!

I added ultimate in the title, but it is more semi-ultimate! If you have more useful websites, feel free to share them!
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Re: German group

Postby Chmury » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:40 am

The link to the Reddit post mentioned above, with all the actual links you can find here - The Ultimate Link Guide to German

Thanks for putting us on to it Joe!
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Re: German group

Postby golyplot » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:14 am

Does anyone have a list handy of Swiss German singers/bands/music? So far, I've found Adrian Stern.
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Re: German group

Postby Speakeasy » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:42 am

golyplot wrote:Does anyone have a list handy of Swiss German singers/bands/music? So far, I've found Adrian Stern.
I was about to recommend the Beatles for their “Komm gib’ mir deine Hand” German-language version of “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

However, I noticed that you specified Swiss German singers/bands/music. As it is clear that I am still stuck in the “Groovy Sixties, Baby” from the standpoint of popular music, I cannot offer you the names of any specific artists/composers of the current generation. Nevertheless, I can suggest that you search that Interweb thing using criteria such as: Schweizer Sänger, Schweizer Musiker, Schweizer Bands, and Schweizer Hitparade (no joke). If you find anything by the Beatles, please let me know. ;)

Insertion of the “Komm gib’ mir deine Hand” file from YouTube
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