Contact Methods & Forum Emergencies

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Contact Methods & Forum Emergencies

Postby Bluepaint » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:10 pm

In the event of a significant technical problem or a serious malfunction, we will endeavour to communicate via a number of methods. Note that normal communication should take place through this site, eg if you have a problem receiving PMs or a complaint about another member. So do not go emailing or tweeting us etc as these are, at least for now, back up communication methods.

Wiki: ... y_Language

Old site:

Facebook: search for 'HTLAL Community Center' (note the American English spelling) or use

Email: (please add this to your contacts so we don't end up in spam)

Twitter: @Llorgforum - our name shows as Language-learners - url is - please do not use the old HTLAL twitter account as this is no longer monitored

In emergencies we will try to be on the ball as much as possible but remember we are unpaid volunteers with other things going on in our lives so inevitably it will take time to put out notices and fix problems. You can use the above methods to alert us of problems if we haven't already made an announcement. Multiple admins/mods have access to the above so hopefully any delays will be minimal.
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