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This is a room for the discussion of travel plans or experiences and the culture of places you have visited or plan to visit.
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Re: Workaway and similar services

Postby Serpent » Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:02 pm

Well, I was (still am) looking for language or computer-related experience :) Things like language practice (mostly with kids), making a website, translating an existing website or other promotional materials, reception work... A lot of the hosts want help with things like cleaning and cooking (my current hosts ask for cleaning too but not much) I also contacted many hosts to offer translations even if they didn't ask for that (especially hostels).
Also, I started searching two months in advance which was way too early. I wrote my current host just 11 days before my planned departure (from Moscow) date. (note that some hosts do want to plan things in advance, but don't worry if you can't arrange it early) I wrote mostly to hosts from Spain and Portugal, also a handful from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Croatia and Poland.
I did have a confirmation from another host for a short visit, but as I mentioned they gave the spot to someone else because I didn't pick the dates asap.

Most hosts will want to skype you first, and I suppose if your application is too vague they may look at your profile too. I always listed the relevant languages and if the host listed multiple vacancies I clarified which one I was applying for (usually the one that's not the highest priority atm). When messaging a host for the first time, you can list your dates and tick a box if they're flexible, but I find that most hosts will still ask about the dates if you don't list them in writing (ie "I'm available from XX to YY"). Maybe they're using the mobile version and it's harder to see/find the dates.
Anyway my impression is mostly based on the fact that my profile says "I won't be able to volunteer if you have a dog", and just one host with a dog actually saw that and replied 2 months later that they found someone else and they have a dog anyway. There's also a section to specify whether you're a smoker, have a driver's license, have any dietary requirements or allergies. This one is fairly quick to check so I sure hope most hosts do if these things are relevant to them. Although I did write to one host that said they preferred someone with a driver's license (I don't have one), and they didn't reject me immediately (given the number of applications most hosts get, preferences are generally more like requirements) but later stopped replying.
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Re: Workaway and similar services

Postby DaveBee » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:55 pm

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Re: Workaway and similar services

Postby JonasTheSwede » Thu May 24, 2018 7:49 pm

I can highly recomend Workaway!
You not only can travel for free (more or less).
But you also learn about the culture in another way since you are with the locals,
rather than go to a tourist place, getting sucked in to the tourist traps.

If anyone is interested we published a blog post about our work away experience in Georgia. ... mountains/

Just be sure to research, look at the reviews and I am sure anyone who try workaway would be as
greatful with it as I am.
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