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Charitable Contributions for the Polyglot Gathering

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:08 pm
by rdearman
I just wanted to put up a notification about the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin which is now open for registration as you may know.

The Polyglot Gathering

I'd also like to say, without the forum admin hat on, and just as a personal message from me to you.

In addition to the normal registration, they are trying to get contributions which will help fund students and learners from across the world who would like to attend but for financial reasons cannot. Here is a quote from Judith.

Judith Meyer wrote:For the Polyglot Gathering, it is very important to be affordable to the broadest possible range of polyglots - that's one of the reasons we keep returning to the A&O and the reason we have a large discount for students. However, even if we reduce their fees to zero, there are some talented young polyglots who still cannot afford to attend because of lodging/food/travel costs. For them we are launching a special fund, "Gathering All Polyglots", which will cover part of their costs.

If you are in an advantageous situation, please think about donating to this fund in order to bring more talented young polyglots to the Gathering this year and give them an experience that will change their lives. You can be acknowledged or anonymous - up to you. Email me directly at .

If you would like to be considered for this program, please send a letter of motivation to the same address.

Since I began hosting this forum last year many of you have generously offered money to help support the website and the forum hosting. Up to this point we've refused any contributions for funding. However, at this time I'd like to ask; if you've offered or considered a donation to this forum in the past year you'd please consider emailing Judith and donating some money for helping polyglots travel to this event.

We as a community of language learners, probably more than any other group of people on the planet, appreciate the dedication and work that goes into becoming a multilingual polyglot and I think we'd all love the opportunity to mingle with other dedicated language learners. So even if we don't have the opportunity ourselves this year, why not take a little bit of money you might have otherwise spent on a couple of coffees, and allow some dedicated learner that opportunity we all desire?

Thanks for taking the time to read this message, and thanks for being part of our community, and thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.