do you travel lonely or by travel (holiday) tours?

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do you travel lonely or by travel (holiday) tours?

Postby jimmy » Sun May 22, 2022 12:07 pm


which one is more advantageous I cannot differentiate.

can someone help me for plan ?
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Re: do you travel lonely or by travel (holiday) tours?

Postby Cavesa » Sun May 22, 2022 6:45 pm

On my own (or with a family or fiancé on our own).

Just advantages, freedom in planning, no annoying groups, more genuine experience. Prices:that depends. On your own, you don't waste money on services that you can do yourself (especially if you speak the local language). But the agencies sometimes have special offers. But the quality may be worse, it really depends.

However, I would consider group tours in some places, where individual travelling can be dangerous or very difficult.

As to organising your own holiday: It is very easy nowadays, with the internet. A few things to consider:

-transport: plan early enough, before tickets get more expensive. Unless you are really after a spontaneous last minute trip (such a ticket may or may not appear), plan ahead. And consider purchasing right from the company, not the reselling servers, sometimes the conditions are worse. I love travelling by car the most, even if the prices of carburants are rising and it slightly limits how far I can go. But this is the authentic travelling, where the journey to the destination counts a lot and is full of experiences too.

-hotel or airbnb: both have their advantages and risks (people underestimate one risk of airbnb: a mentally deranged host, one of my experiences was really a hell, while all the others were excellent!). In case of a hotel, compare the offer on their own site and on, and remember that dealing with issues over booking can be a bit harder sometimes. And the prices may vary. So, have a look at both offers. Overall, I have very good experience with Ibis, or Ibis budget. Sometimes, you get cheaper offers in other chains, but the quality and comfort really varies.

-your program: even if you are the most laid back traveller, pick at least a few points for each day. Discuss those with your co-travellers, sort the options as either priorities (and make sure everyone gets some of their priorities in the selection) and nice to haves. To not stress yourselves, as less is sometimes more. Of course, this is less important in case of a full relax holiday by the sea or something. But even then, I really recommend planning a few tours. Btw even if you go on a seaside holiday with an agency, you can do your own excursions. Even to the same places, but without the annoying crowd, for a smaller price, and with a more authentic experience :-)

-money: definitely have more than one card with you, just in case something goes wrong. An appropriate amount of cash too. Get a good travel insurance and have the document about it on you (usually a paper with the help line number and your contract number).

Btw most of this applies mostly to the travelling and tourism in very civilised places. If you go for example to wild nature, you may consider totally different things. Or to countries with more problematic safety (for example I definitely won't travel like this to half the world, as I happen to be a woman. I probably won't go there at all.).
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