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Don't Travel with Brussels Airlines

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 11:40 am
by T0NIN0
I just had my flight cancelled by Brussels Airlines due to a reschedule apparently, because of COVID-19. That is not so much the issue, but what is an issue is the deception.

I got an email saying that I could get a full refund or a flight voucher. I called up immediately to get a refund, but I was greeted by an automated message telling me that due to the massive amounts of calls they were getting, that they can't speak on the phone, instead you must fill out the refund form online. This is where things get questionable.

You go to the website and enter in your name and flight reference number at the refund page. This then takes you to the form, however, it redirects you instead to the bookings page. I tried like 30 times to get to the refund form page but it just kept redirecting me.

The bookings page did have a button to link you to the refund paage which I came from, but when you clicked it did nothing. (The claim voucher button worked fine though.)

Using a Chrome plugin I stopped it redirecting me. So I filled out the form, and when I clicked the confirm/complete button it did nothing. I clicked the inspect element tool on chrome and it was showing that the button was disconnected and just causing and error each time it was clicked.

I can only assume this has been done on purpose, to give the illusion that you can get a refund, but making it impossible so people take the voucher instead.

I don’t want to make the claim that this is what they are doing for sure as that would be libellous, but this is how it appears to me.