Edinburgh language event: February 2020

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Edinburgh language event: February 2020

Postby DaveAgain » Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:31 am

February 29th – March 1st 2020 | Edinburgh, Scotland

An event to celebrate languages, language learning and to spend time with other people who simply love language too!

In association with http://polyglotconference.com, the Edinburgh Language Event will bring together language enthusiasts from around the world, allowing them to meet other language enthusiasts and focus on language in a way that most of us are unable to do in our daily lives.

We will have 10 presentations from a range of speakers on topics ranging from the languages of the Isles to language study and work and other language-related topics besides.

Come join us, make new friends and explore Scotland’s beautiful picturesque capital city.


Lunamoonsilver mentioned the Polyglot Cruise > One of the speakers at the Polyglot Cruise is Lindsay does languages > Lindsay does languages mentioned the Edinburgh language event on her website.
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Re: Edinburgh language event: February 2020

Postby garyb » Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:54 am

It's 15 minutes walk from my house, I might as well!
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Re: Edinburgh language event: February 2020

Postby rdearman » Thu Jan 30, 2020 11:23 am

garyb wrote:It's 15 minutes walk from my house, I might as well!

£65 though! :)
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Re: Edinburgh language event: February 2020

Postby IronMike » Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:43 am

On the Saturday, the Old English guest speaker is Mark Atherton. He is the author of Complete Old English, the book that some of us went through over Christmas/New Years for the mini challenge. For those who go to this language event, if you sit through Atherton's lecture, I'd love to hear about it and/or read any handouts, presentations or papers he uses.
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Re: Edinburgh language event: February 2020

Postby David27 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:34 pm

Looks like a great lineup! Love the idea of Celtic/Scots/old English focus weekend conference! I really wish I had known about this earlier, as I would love to visit Scotland and attend this conference, and I have vacation then so could have worked out, but already have plans to go South at that time. The only negative is planning an event in Scotland during the winter... it would be a much easier sell first week of June or July.

Where is the best place to get info about these events ahead of time? I usually make plans somewhere 3-6 months before I have vacation... so need a bit more advance notice.
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Re: Edinburgh language event: February 2020

Postby iguanamon » Sun Feb 02, 2020 4:44 pm

Ladino and its online community will be one of the topics along with other minority/endangered/revived languages.
Edinburgh Language Event wrote:The Positive Impact of Digital Homelands on the Language Revitalization of Diasporic Languages: the case of Ladino: By virtue of their nature, diasporic languages often lack a unified geographical territory, which prevents their intergenerational transmission. However, in recent decades there has been a significant trend in the emergence of digital homelands (Held, 2010), i.e., virtual communities where the diasporic language in question is used as the only means of communication between users. According to Held, virtual communities are not just mere spaces for communication, but they have the potential to become “a territory where a culture may be revitalized after having faced a state of severe decline”, which has also been referred to as a “kingdom of the word” (Shandler, 2004), or “a national language of nowhere”

The revival of Manx is an interesting topic about which I would love to know more.
Edinburgh Language Event wrote:Back from the dead: the revival of Manx:
In this talk, Christopher Lewin will draw on his personal experience as a member of the contemporary Manx-speaking community in the Isle of Man as well as his research as a scholar of the Celtic languages and a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh. Once considered a thing of the past following its demise as a community language in the nineteenth century and the death of the last traditional speaker in 1974, the Manx language has enjoyed a significant resurgence in recent decades, being learnt by hundreds of adults as well as school pupils, as well as a small number who have been raised in the language in the home. A significant development was the establishment in 2001 of a Manx-medium primary school, perhaps unique in Europe as a case of immersion education in a language which is extinct in its historical form. The revival of Manx raises a number of fascinating questions about the degree of continuity and rupture between traditional and revived forms of a language, and the role of individual speakers and the community in reimagining and remaking the language of their ancestors.

This has a lot of relevance to me. My children are of Manx heritage. My daughter was born on the Isle of Man. The revival of a dead language has relevance to Ladino/Djudeo-espanyol which will soon reach the phase where it will have no more native-speakers left. So the experience of the Manx revival could be very relevant to Ladino's survival and perhaps may show a path to its possible revival.

Edinburgh itself is a beautiful city. I visited Edinburgh one time in January, several years ago, and didn't even need to walk as the wind conveniently blew me around everywhere. There's a reason why I live in the Caribbean. :lol: . Anyway, I hope they put up videos of the speakers.
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