What's your stance on hot weather?

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Re: What's your stance on hot weather?

Postby tractor » Sat Jun 25, 2022 2:13 pm

Ideal summer conditions: between 25 and 30°C and sunshine. Ideal winter conditions: –5°C, lots of snow on the ground, but not snowing.

–20°C is too cold and +40°C too hot. I don't like it when it's hot and humid.
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Re: What's your stance on hot weather?

Postby IronMike » Sun Jun 26, 2022 1:17 am

PeterMollenburg wrote:
IronMike wrote:While deployed to Djibouti

Is there actually that much French actually spoken there by the general populace?

Yes. Uh, I mean: Oui.
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