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TAC sign-up

Postby Brun Ugle » Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:39 pm

TAC started on 1 January, but you can still sign up. Teams are still being organized and nothing is set in stone.

If you want to sign up let me know for which languages and if you want to be on one or more of the teams. I’m a little busy, so I don’t update the list more than once a day at most. I can also make mistakes, so if you don’t see you name after a few days, or if I get something wrong, let me know. If you see the potential for a team and no one has started it yet, go ahead and start it. Also, I’ve started to add links, but I know that will take me a while.

For those who don’t already know, the basic idea of the TAC (Total Annihilation Challenge) is simply to learn as much as possible in your chosen language(s) during the year, keep a log of your progress, and if you are on a team to join in discussions and help out your teammates as best you can.

AiyaLianxi: Korean, Mandarin, Japanese
aliciaftw: Spanish, Korean
Aloysius: Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Estonian
Allison: Spanish
Amyhere: Mandarin, German, French
Anya: German, Spanish
Arthaey: Spanish, French
azul: Russian
BAnna: Spanish
Bao: French
Brun Ugle: German, Spanish, Esperanto
Carmody: French
Cavesa: Italian, Spanish, German
CittaKyle: Russian
dampingwire: Japanese, German
davidchoward: French
DEC: Serbian
Doraemong's Pocket: French
drthomasfbrown: Spanish
Ed1991: Russian
eebeejay: French
eplumb: French, Dutch, Spanish
Esme: Korean
Evilado: Mandarin, Spanish
Evita: Korean
Expugnator: Estonian, Georgian; Greek (modern), Norwegian, Mandarin, Russian
Gaedheal92: Irish
galaxyrocker: Irish, Japanese
geoffw: Russian, Hebrew
George: French
gsbod: German
Hank: Spanish
haziz: Spanish
IchBinEinPoly: Spanish, French, and Chinese
James29: Spanish, French
jeff_lindqvist: Irish
jennybenny25: French, Spanish
Jimjam: Japanese
Jinx: Croatian, Esperanto
Josquin: Irish, Russian
Komma: French
Kulelyn: Spanish
LaghmanC: Russian
LMAshton: German, Spanish
LunaMoonsilver: Japanese, Mandarin
lupine: French, Japanese
Meyers: French
mitcht: Spanish
Mohave: French, Spanish
MonteCristo231: French
Montmorency: Welsh
Nandemonai: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin
neofight78: Russian
Paulista: Italian
PeterMollenburg: French
Polyglotmaya: Japanese
Radioclare: Russian, Croatian, Esperanto
Random Review: Spanish
rdearman: French, Esperanto
river: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Korean
Rotasu: Japanese
Sarnek: Swedish, German
scivola: French
Serpent: Croatian, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Karelian
Solfrid Cristin: Russian
Sooniye: Croatian, French, Spanish
souschef: French
Spoonary: Spanish, Esperanto
Stelle: Esperanto, Spanish
steyyan: French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch
tangleweeds: French
tarvos: Russian, Esperanto
Teango: French
tomgosse: French
unpredictabloke: French
Via Diva
wnint: Korean, Japanese
Woodsei: Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Yuhakko:Japanese, Korean, Mandarin
Yuurei: Spanish
Zireael: Arabic

By Language
Arabic: Zireael
Croatian: Radioclare, Sooniye
Dutch: eplumb, steyyan
Esperanto: Brun Ugle, Jinx, Radioclare, rdearman, Spoonary, Stelle, tarvos
Estonian: Aloysius, Expugnator
French: Aloysius, Amyhere, Arthaey, Bao, Carmody, davidchoward, Doraemong's Pocket, eebeejay, eplumb, George, haziz, IchBinEinPoly, James29, jennybenny25, Komma, lupine, Meyers, Mohave, MonteCristo231, PeterMollenburg, rdearman, Rebecca, river, scivola, Sooniye, souschef, steyyan, tangleweeds, Teango, tomgosse, unpredictabloke
German: Amyhere, Anya, Brun Ugle, Cavesa, dampingwire, gsbod, LMAShton, Sarnek, steyyan
Georgian: Expugnator
Greek (modern): Expugnator
Hebrew: geoffw
Irish: Gaedheal92, galaxyrocker, jeff_lindqvist, Josquin
Italian: Aloysius, Cavesa, Paulista
Japanese: AiyaLianxi, dampingwire, galaxyrocker, Jimjam, LunaMoonsilver, lupine, Nandemonai, PolyglotMaya, Rotasu, steyyan, wnint, Woodsei, Yuhakko
Korean: AiyaLianxi, aliciaftw, Esme, Evita Nandemonai, river, wnint, Woodsei, Yuhakko
Latin: Aloysius
Mandarin: AiyaLianxi, evilado, Expugnator, IchBinEinPoly, LunaMoonsilver, river, Nandemonai, Yuhakko
Norwegian: Expugnator
Russian: Aloysius, azul, CittaKyle, Ed1991, Expugnator, geoffw, Josquin, LaghmanC, neofight78, Radioclare, Solfrid Cristin, tarvos
Serbian: DEC
Spanish: aliciaftw, Aloysius, Allison, arthaey, Anya, BAnna, Brun Ugle, Cavesa, drthomasfbrown, eplumb, evilado, Hank, haziz, IchBinEinPoly, James29, jennybenny25, Kulelyn, LMAShton, mitcht, Mohave, Random Review, river, Sooniye, Spoonary, steyyan, Stelle, Woodsei, Yuurei
Swedish: Sarnek
Welsh: Montmorency

East Asian (leader=AiyaLianxi, coleader=Woodsei)
Amyhere Anya
Yuhakko:Japanese, Korean, Mandarin

French – “Les Voyageurs” (leader=tomgosse) (advisors= emk, Stelle)

upper intermediate/advanced Spanish “Manada” (leader=Stelle)
Random Review (log pending)

Spanish/German intermediate->advanced (leader=Brun Ugle)
Brun Ugle

Team Wanderlust (leader=Tangleweeds)
reddit lurker
tangleweeds unpredictabloke
Via Diva

Celtic Team (leader=Josquin)

Russian Team (leader=geoffw)
Expugnator geoffw Josquin
neofight78 Radioclare
Solfrid Cristin

Esperanto Team (leader=Radioclare)
Brun Ugle
rdearman Spoonary

Spanish Team (leaders=Allison & LMAshton)

German Team (leader=LMAshton, coleader=Via Diva)
Brun Ugle
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby Sarnek » Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:59 pm

Sign me up for Swedish and German!.
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby Spoonary » Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:07 pm

I know I mentioned I would be interested in the Spanish/German team, but I just don't think I will be dedicating much time to German at all, so I will just stick to Spanish. :|

Thank you for the work you have done so far, Brun. :) Could you please sign me up for Spanish? I would also be interested in joining Stelle's Upper-intermediate/Advanced Spanish team, so can you pop me under that heading too, please?
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby galaxyrocker » Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:08 pm

Definitely doing Irish, as I really want to push through to the next level, and I feel having challenges might help. I'll also probably sign up with another language as well, likely Japanese. But I don't think I'm going to be as serious about it and might give in to wanderlust.

That said, I'm not going to try and force it to come (for Irish). So, basically, I'm going to do what I feel like doing in terms of it, and encourage everyone else along the way.
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby Expugnator » Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:38 pm

Estonian, Georgian, Greek (modern), Norwegian, Mandarin, Russian.

Looking forward to being added to the respective teams for languages that do have a team (though I won't join east Asian if I'm the only one doing Mandarin).

Also looking forward to forming a tandem about any of the languages that don't make it as a team. The others will just keep being mentioned at my log. I'm not joining teams for any of my FIGS languages, though I will most likely follow the team threads (plus the logs of people who have non-FIGS languages in common)! I'm just trying to be a little reasonable and not follow ALL of the logs at the forum ^^

Thank you Brun Ugle for starting this once again!
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby tomgosse » Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:49 pm

What the heck! I'll sign up for French TAC. Not sure what I'm getting into, but that is normal for me. :lol:
There is a French Team - Les Voyageurs. If you want to include that go for it. Our stated purpose is to learn and improve our French listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Now for the practical question: How do we measure our progress? Do we keep track of time spent studying, or number of books read, movies watched, etc.?

All the best,
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby Josquin » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:16 pm

Thanks for biting the bullet and taking the initiative, Brun Ugle! I appreciate it very much.

I'll gladly sign up for Irish and Russian and want to join both teams. There will probably be some wanderlust going on, but I don't know in which languages yet. Also, I'm willing to lead one of the respective teams, but not both.

@tomgosse: Measuring your progress is up to you. The important thing is continuity and keeping a log.
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby gsbod » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:18 pm

The new year just wouldn't feel right without the rush of starting a new TAC, so thanks Brun Ugle for taking this on!

My main language for 2016 will be German but I reserve the right to dabble (or more) with others, which may or may not be listed on my profile.

If there's a German team this year I'll join, if not I'm happy to go solo.

I will also continue to be nosy around East Asian logs, French logs, and any other logs that are particularly interesting.
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby Nandemonai » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:53 pm

I'll definitely sign up for the TAC with the east asian languages team with Japanese/Korean/Mandarin. I see I was already put on the list, just without the languages.
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Re: TAC sign-up

Postby aloysius » Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:38 pm

Grejt Brun Ugle!

I know I'm doing Russian, French and Italian (as usual) but Spanish, Latin and Estonian might have a say to.

If there are teams I probably will stick to one, though.

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