Super Challenge 2020-21 progress reports

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Brun Ugle
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Super Challenge 2020-21 progress reports

Postby Brun Ugle » Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:15 pm

Since the Super Challenge bot is still not up and running and isn’t likely to be in the near future, it seems like a good idea to at least have a single thread where we all can record our progress. I’m not going to make any rules about how often you should update or how to format your updates, though I would suggest to try to keep them both reasonably concise and at the same time informative. I plan to use progress bars for each part of the challenge, with the names of books/films listed under each progress bar. In the interest of keeping my lists from getting ridiculously long, as they do on the bot page, I won’t list each episode of a TV series, but write something like “episodes ## to ##”.

Update as often as you feel like, but considering the length of the challenge, once every month or two is probably often enough.
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Brun Ugle
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Location: Steinkjer, Norway
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Re: Super Challenge 2020-21 progress reports

Postby Brun Ugle » Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:18 pm

Spanish books: 1485 / 5000
Siete días de julio – Jordi Sierra i Fabra 285 pg
El prisionero del cielo – Carlos Ruiz Zafón 330 pg
El laberinto de los espíritus – Carlos Ruiz Zafón 870 pg

Spanish films: 0 / 9000

German books: 770 / 5000
ST:TNG Eine Lektion in Liebe – Peter David 260 pg
Trixie Belden und das Geheimnis des Landhauses – Julie Campbell 100 pg
Die Katze, die rückwarts lesen konnte – Lilian Jackson Braun 210 pg
Trixie Belden löst das Rätsel – Julie Campbell 100 pg
Trixie Belden entlarvt den falschen Onkel – Julie Campbell 100 pg

German films: 239 / 9000
Rentner Cops: episodes 45-49 (about 47-49 min each - total 239 min)

North-Germanic books: 382 / 5000
Kameleonmenneskene – Hans Olav Lahlum (nb) 382 pg

North-Germanic films: 0 / 9000
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Re: Super Challenge 2020-21 progress reports

Postby Radioclare » Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:14 pm

Thanks for starting a thread, Brun Ugle - I think it's a really good idea :)

Croatian books: 716 / 5000
Pohvala tijelu - Pavao Pavličić (233 pages)
Blato u dvorištu - Ratko Cvetnić (270 pages)
Mali neobični ljudi - Miro Gavran (213 pages)

Croatian films: 2482 / 9000
Drugo ime ljubavi - episodes 09 - 62 (2,482 mins)

Russian books: 1598 / 5000
После похорон - Agatha Christie (320 pages)
Свидание со смертью - Agatha Christie (288 pages)
Сумерки - Stephenie Meyer (447 pages)
Новолуние - Stephenie Meyer (543 pages)

Russian films: 1494 / 9000
Кухня - series 1 episodes 01 - 20 (494 mins)
Мухтар. Новый след - episodes 01 - 16 (712 mins)
Сумерки - film (117 mins)
Russian Progress - 9 podcasts/short videos (171 mins)
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Croatian SC books: 54 / 100 Croatian SC films: 71 / 100
Russian SC books: 74 / 100 Russian SC films: 50 / 100

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Re: Super Challenge 2020-21 progress reports

Postby Cenwalh » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:27 pm

Aye thanks for starting the thread. I don't know if this post has gone a bit overboard, but I have it all ready to go anyway so why not.

Cool to see some cross over with Brun Ugle on Siete días de julio.

Romance Double SC books : 2736 / 10000
Cinco días de octubre in Spanish (302 pages)
Cuatro días de enero in Spanish (274 pages)
Dos días de mayo in Spanish (119 pages)
El petit príncep in Catalan (94 pages)
Harry Potter i la pedra filosofal in Catalan (85 pages)
La vieja familia in Spanish (722 pages)
Los hijos de Adán in Spanish (380 pages)
Siete días de julio in Spanish (312 pages)
Una historia de la Guerra Civil que no va a gustar a nadie in Spanish (448 pages)

Romance Double SC films : 14280 / 18000
45 rpm in Spanish (268 minutes)
Alicia en el país de las maravillas in Spanish (212 minutes)
Arqueomanía in Spanish (27 minutes)
Bojack Horseman in Spanish (349 minutes)
Campos de fresas in Spanish (247 minutes)
Como agua para chocolate in Spanish (242 minutes)
Cómo ganar amigos e influir sobre las personas in Spanish (434 minutes)
El asesinato de Johann Sebastian Bach in Spanish (455 minutes)
El caso Hartung in Spanish (953 minutes)
El emblema del traidor in Spanish (616 minutes)
El gran Gatsby in Spanish (329 minutes)
Els mini ninges in Catalan (385 minutes)
Entiende tu mente in Spanish (84 minutes)
George de la jungla in Catalan (11 minutes)
Harry Potter i la pedra filosofal in Catalan (97 minutes)
Harry Potter y el misterio del príncipe in Spanish (134 minutes)
Harry Potter y las reliquias de la Muerte in Spanish (1468 minutes)
La amiga estupenda in Spanish (755 minutes)
La bailarina de Auschwitz in Spanish (779 minutes)
La bruixa avorrida in Catalan (12 minutes)
La ciudad negra in Spanish (1149 minutes)
La niña perdida in Spanish (175 minutes)
La última cripta in Spanish (1065 minutes)
Las deudas del cuerpo in Spanish (958 minutes)
Lletraferint in Catalan (56 minutes)
Marc Lesan in Catalan (17 minutes)
Mixed podcasts in Spanish (30 minutes)
Mixed Youtube in Catalan (34 minutes)
Mixed Youtube in Spanish (878 minutes)
Objectiu 2030 in Catalan (11 minutes)
Parlem d'Economia in Catalan (13 minutes)
Realfooding life in Spanish (70 minutes)
Robin Hood, el trapella de Sherwood in Catalan (715 minutes)
Servir y proteger in Spanish (303 minutes)
The Inbetweeners in Catalan (22 minutes)
Un mal nombre in Spanish (875 minutes)

Times do not always represent the length of an item because I might have re-listened to bits or listened to it at a faster speed on Audible.
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1,000,000 sentences of Spanish: 725000 / 1000000
Double SC films: 156 / 200
Double SC books: 54 / 200

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Re: Super Challenge 2020-21 progress reports

Postby kanewai » Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:39 pm

I started the year thinking I would get back into watching movies, but lost interest early in the year, before the SC even started.

I signed up for a full challenge in three languages, though I'd be happy to finish a half each for the reading. I'm on track to complete a full for the audio part.

I track actual pages and minutes on on excel sheet; I'll post a simplified version here.

And finally, I gave a little star next to some of my favorite things.

Spanish Reading: 11 / 100
Santiago Posteguillo, La traición de Roma
Mario Vargas Llosa, Tiempos Recios (in progress)

Spanish Audio: 22 / 100
* Fernando Aramburu, Patria (audiobook)
* Arte Madrid (tv)
Documentos (podcast; 8 epsiodes)
Así Como Suena (podcast; 2 episodes)

French Reading: 11 / 100
* Marcel Proust, Le temps retrouvé
Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio. Désert (in progress)

French Audio: 21 / 100
* Marcel Proust, Le temps retrouvé (audobook)
* Le bureau des légendes, Season 4 (tv)
Les musiciens face au pouvoir (podcast; 8 episodes)
Au coeurs de l'histoire (podcast; 19 episodes)

Italian Reading: 3 / 100
Elena Ferrante, La vita bugiardi degli adulti (in progress)

Italian Audio: 17 / 100
* My Brilliant Friend, Season 2 (tv)
* Storia d'italia (podcast; 32 episodes)
Alla scoperta dei Musei vaticani (tv; 3 episodes)
Pier Paolo Pasolini, Il vangelo secondo Matteo (movie)
5 x
Jean-Claude Izzo, Total Khéops: 120 / 350
Posteguillo, Y Julia Retó a los Dioses: 0 / 100
Elsa Morante, L isola di Arturo: 100 / 100
Assimil, Le grec: 45 / 100
Language Transfer Greek: 75 / 120

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