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Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 1:44 am
by IronMike
Updated the list of those participating. If I've missed anyone, let me know.

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 5:25 am
by HockeyKnight
I am really glad there is a challenge like this. Language learning, while great for the brain, is mostly a sedentary hobby (although I like to walk when I do Pimsleur). So working both the mind and body is a great challenge to have. Plus, the physically healthier you are the more mentally healthy as well and vice versa!

Language Goal: Finish Assimil and Pimsleur

Fitness Goal: Work out 3-5 days a week consistently. Stand up and walk more often rather than sit. Take Yoga and/or pilates classes weekly. Complete an 8 week learn to skate program at my local ice rink.

I might update my goals later, but this looks like a good general start for my goals for 2020.

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2019 5:02 am
by coldrainwater
I have a pair of current interests that fit this challenge well and I would like to join.

Language: Acquire German reading skillset (including, not limited to German Lit).
Fitness: Pushups.

Current State
Language: Building a solid base of German vocabulary. Haven't attempted reading a book yet. German studies commenced in May 2019.
Fitness: Can do multiple sets of roughly 25 triceps pushups with generally poor form. Cannot do even one one-hand pushup. Bench is probably about 215 on my home equipment and 205 at a gym (1 rep max in pounds). Bodyweight maybe 193. Height 6'2". Age 40.


Language: Eventual strong intermediate in German with use cases including business, university-level academics (autodidactic study only), music for entertainment, literature as always, forum participation and more. The reading is a major step in that direction and a real pleasure for me.

Fitness: Health and longevity mainly. Have very strong cardio habit in place (I run stairs in big cities and hike mountains in Utah and Colorado on vacation) and generally good condition in that respect. Would like to build simple upper body and core strength to match. Why pushups? I have never trained for endurance strength in any serious capacity and would like to see where it takes me. A major key to fitness success in my mind is to select activities that minimize the risk of injury (habits and interest help little with a broken xyz) and I think I can handle basic pushups. Also, I am fast developing a preference for activities that require no additional equipment and no travel to engage in. Burpies are a strong contender also and a real challenge. Beyond that I am mulling over a pulling movement to add. I have a pullup bar at home so the obvious may eventually be the answer.

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 10:12 pm
by IronMike
IronMike wrote:Not quite sure what I'm going to do yet. But here's my initial wag:

Language: I want to keep my 2+/2+/2+ (or higher?) in Russian. I can take the DLPT and OPI again in the summer. I'd also like to get my BCS back, so I'm aiming for a 1/1/1 minimum. I'll try the DLPT and OPI maybe in May...-ish.

Fitness: I'd like to hit 200 miles swum in 2020. I'd also like to swim under 5:00 in Swim the Suck. If I get in this year.

I expect these might change as 2020 progresses.

Getting my 2020 goals solidified.

Language I: I was so happy to get great scores in Russian in 2019; thank you Peter for the 365 challenge! I'd like to keep those scores, so goal of 2+/2+/2+ on Russian DLPT and OPI. Aim for late April tests.
Language II: So, the Esperanto world's Universala Kongreso (UK) will be in Montreal this year, and I'm going! It's 1-8 August. At some point during that week+ they will hold the KER exams. I've taken the KER skriba (reading and writing) exam already, in Moscow in 2017, passing the C1 exam. Not sure I can pass the C1 in the parola (listening and speaking), but perhaps the B2? Therefore, I'll set a goal of passing the B2 KER parola exam at the UK in August. I'll use the time after the Russian DLPT/OPI to work on my Esperanto again, maybe attending one of those weekly meetings they have here.
Language III: At one point (1999?) I was a 3/2+ in the DLPT and a 2 in the OPI in BCS. I'd love to get even some of that back as I simply love the language. Therefore, next goal will be 1/1/1 on BCS DLPT and OPI. I'll start working BCS after the Esperanto UK in August, so I'll aim for late November/early December tests.

Fitness I: I'd like to hit 200 miles swum in 2020.
Fitness II: I really want to be able to lift, one time, 135lbs in strict overhead press.

That's about it.

[Edit: Change timing & order of language goals.]

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 12:02 am
by EmGeeFab
I'd like to join in! 2018 was my year focused on fitness and I felt so healthy and good! Then, I refocused on language in 2019 and the fitness went out the window.

Fitness 1: Do 10 pull-ups. I've never been able to do a pull-up. I remember watching the other kids do them in elementary school and wondering why I couldn't. But I bet I can if I work on it this year!
Fitness 2: 150 minutes of cardio per week.

German 1: Read six German novels as chosen by the German Book club in my city.
German 2: Spend time speaking German with my kids every single day. (I am going to be tracking this with the 2020 366-day challenge.)

Hebrew: Read the first two HP books in Hebrew. I've got other irons in the fire for this language, but this one is easily measurable.

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:05 pm
by brilliantyears
brilliantyears wrote:Oof. My kind of challenge. I have to think about my goals and will get back to you on the details.
Fitness goals:
    - Run at least once a week and finish season 6 of Zombies, Run!.* I'm currently halfway season 4. Finishing season 6 means approximately 50 runs for a total of approximately 250km.
    - Average 11.000 steps/day every single week (at least 77.000 steps/week).
    - Try at least one new activity (I'm thinking kickboxing!).
    - Finally: I said I wouldn't make it a weight loss goal, but I know my body and I know when I'm comfortable (and right now I'm really not). So my biggest goal will be to lose 6kg in 2020.

Language goals:
    - Russian to CEFR B1 level (currently A2).
    - Read a book in Russian (something substantial that isn't an absolute children's book).
    - Read a book in German.
    - Finish the Norwegian Duolingo course.

* My go-to running app to stay motivated. Highly recommended if you enjoy zombie apocalypses, gaming and audio dramas all wrapped up in a fully functional running app.

[edit] Doesn't necessarily count as fitness, but rather health in general: I have joined a course (MOOC) on mindfulness that focuses both on practising mindfulness as well as the theory behind. 2019 sucked. Let's see if I can be more mindful in 2020.

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:09 pm
by aokoye
I'm liking this idea of solidifying goals. Given the nature of what I'm doing in terms of sports and my tendencies in terms of language, this will be goals between now and March 1st (or whenever my weekday on the water practices start).
  • Row on the water at least once a week
  • Erg (rowing machine) at least once a week
  • Finish the Zwift FTP plan that I'm doing (it's 4 weeks long, I'm currently half way through the 1st week) - I will reassess after that's done
  • Start weight lifting again (with the guidance/accountability of a personal trainer)
  • Go to my yoga class (this is the easiest thing, not because I like yoga, but because I'm taking it for a pass/no pass credit as my 5th credit so I can get health insurance through the university)
Note that I'm already doing the first three things on this list. It's looks like a lot when it's written out, but right now I typically row on the water on the weekends, erg once or twice on the weekdays, and I'm getting back into Zwift because if I'm unwilling to get myself out of bed for 5:30am erg practice, I need to replace it with something else.

  • Learn at least half the vocabulary for my French class before the start of each chapter
  • Try to do 1-2 chapters of Grammaire Progressive a week (more would be better)
  • Keep up with all of my French homework

Biblical Hebrew
  • Do at least one chapter of Lashon Hakodesh a week
  • Keep up with vocabulary
  • Don't quit

  • Don't start any other languages!!!! Aka, don't get distracted by other languages - it will not end well.
  • Don't fall into the trap of trying to do too much
  • No new textbooks/resources until I'm finished with what I'm currently working on. The exception is using things like Tex's French Grammar for more clarification.

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 1:02 am
by IronMike
aokoye wrote:Other
  • Don't start any other languages!!!! Aka, don't get distracted by other languages - it will not end well.

I love this! I should add this to my 2020 goals...but I won't. Not strong enough. :lol:

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 3:45 pm
by Arizakai
IronMike wrote:
aokoye wrote:Other
  • Don't start any other languages!!!! Aka, don't get distracted by other languages - it will not end well.

I love this! I should add this to my 2020 goals...but I won't. Not strong enough. :lol:

My only challenge in 2020: Don't start any other challenges!!! :lol:

Re: 2020 Polyglot Fitness Challenge

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:58 am
by FairyGarden
I see everyone here is much more fit than I am :lol: :lol: But I'm joining anyway:

Physical goals:
- Do x5 push-ups in a row (I've never been able to do a push-up before)
- Stay within my "ideal" BMI, maybe put on 2-5kg.
- Go hiking x5 times
- Do my morning exercise routine (yoga + dance + leg/arm exercises) every day
- Improve posture

Language goals:
- Reach a B2 level in Japanese by the end of the year
- Learn 1000 kanji
- Hire an Italki tutor