Output Challenge 2018 Registration and Discussion

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Re: Output Challenge 2018 Registration and Discussion

Postby tarvos » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:12 pm

Christi wrote:Well, I wrote something but it looks very unnatural... maybe I should collect my writings and then hire an Italki teacher for one hour to have her/him correct any mistakes. Do you guys think this would work? I haven't got any experience using Italki so I don't know if they would actually go over short pieces of writing and how much time this would take.

Yeah, they do. Especially if you are more advanced. I think it's an essential part of more advanced teacher-student classroom interaction. Pretty much half of the stuff I've learned has come from me writing somewhat larger texts and getting corrected. I went from terrible Czech writing to acceptable in a few months. I semi-regularly post those things on my blog. I will sometimes recommend advanced students to write texts so that I can easily discern the grammar points that give them trouble.

Some teachers don't like it. But most of it have been fine with me butchering their language, and I've also corrected tons of work myself.
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Re: Output Challenge 2018 Registration and Discussion

Postby Eceec » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:39 am

LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese

CHALLENGE: Full Challenge

CURRENT LANGUAGE LEVEL: According to very unofficial online tests B1, I think I am a B1 in writing, but my speaking is quite weak.


COMMENTS: I already output a large amount of text talking on language exchange apps. However, I cannot be bothered to count this. Something I should keep in mind is I should not let any of my challenges get in the way of actually communicating with native speakers. For my goals communicating with native speakers should take the priority over doing a recording or crafting an essay!

One of the reasons I want to start making recorded audio is as a way to measure progress, so I can look back (less then one year) from now and compare my progress.
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