The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Ongoing language-learning challenges, and team challenge logs (but not individual logs)
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby schlaraffenland » Mon May 08, 2017 5:07 am

I've been doing the challenge since last summer, but I never introduced myself.

COMMENTS: I decided to register for the challenge to remain at a comfortable cruising altitude when it comes to the maintenance of my German. I love reading, but getting me to watch anything in any language is like pulling teeth, for whatever reason! I'm glad to have a challenge to force me to spend time regularly watching and listening, or I probably wouldn't do it. As of the server hack in late April, I was about 80 percent through with each portion of the challenge. Once the Twitter bot and score page have their sea legs back, I look forward to logging the last few weeks' worth of work and seeing where I am.

COMMENTS: I registered a few months ago on a whim just to scoop up the podcasts and episodes of French in Action I've been consuming, not thinking I'd hit 50 books or 50 films. I may, and I may not. We'll see after I devote more attention to French in the second half of the year.

Good luck to all!
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby zhuzilu » Sun May 21, 2017 12:00 pm

CURRENT LEVEL: Mmmm, I studied Italian for a year 3 or 4 years ago. But being Spanish and knowing French, my understanding skills are fairly good. Although my output production skills (speaking and writing) might be quite offensive :lol:
COMMENTS: I've got a scholarship to study in Florence this summer and most likely I would have enough time from July to December.
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby trui » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:51 am

CURRENT LEVEL: I'm guessing B2 reading and B1+? listening (I can watch the average show without subtitles although I still don't understand everything).
COMMENTS: Planning on not counting what I've read/watched up until now with the exception of De Erfenis van Richard Grenville by Natalie Koch. I started reading it a few days ago and I'm only a couple chapters in.

The books shouldn't be a problem as I love reading fantasy books and they typically count for 7-10 books each. As for the "movies"--while I highly doubt that I'd be able to watch 200 Dutch movies by December, I am pretty confident in my ability to bing watch Één tegen 100 and other Dutch series by then.

For me the point of the challenge will be to encourage myself to read and watch TV more and to not feel guilty about it :D I know it's great for my Dutch so I shouldn't feel guilty but still--
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby Whodathunkitz » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:12 pm

I hope I'm doing this right (but no idea of how to do the bot/update stats)...

CURRENT LEVEL: Beginner. Unable to converse. Reading some C1/C2 texts on readlang with limited comprehension. Duolingo 100+ day streak. Probably around 7 months Spanish in total spread over 3 years.
COMMENTS: I started learning languages in November 2014. I am starting a part-time languages degree later in 2017, initially "Beginners Spanish". Readlang: 21 texts containing a total of 16472 words read in a few weeks.

A question... if I use readlang, what is the Super Challenge equivalent in words - is 1.25 million* a reasonable estimate (250 words per page?). It seems a pretty huge number! 62500 per week month (edited), that's a novel!

Well, after realising it's per month then it should be fine.

I might try to upload course materials (unshared) to readlang to get those counted too and help me consume them.

*I'm guessing 50 pages per book, 250 words per page, 100 books = 1.25 million words in 20 months plus 9000 minutes of film.

Other languages: since late 2014, quite a bit of Cebuano and some Esperanto. Plus some significant gaps!
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby Serpent » Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:55 pm

Basically yes, but slightly shorter pages count as well. As long as it's not a children's book with 20 words per page :D (You can still count that, just adjust accordingly)
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby blaurebell » Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:14 am


Since I don't use the bot, I thought I'd post an update here:

CURRENT LEVEL: C2 reading comprehension according to Dialang test, although my estimate would be C1. Listening comprehension C1 Dialang, my own estimate is B2 because I still struggle with some slang. I started out as a complete Beginner and now my comprehension is better than my Spanish comprehension! Proof that the Super Challenge IS AMAZING!
COMMENTS: I finished an early intensive reading SC with LWT last summer and yesterday I finished the second SC, which was mostly extensive or semi-intensive with the Kindle. Audio contained 90h of native content, the rest dubbed.
: 10000 / 10000 French Pages
: 300 / 300 French audio hours

CHALLENGE: Full Intensive Reading, Triple Audio
CURRENT LEVEL: B2+ reading, B2+ listening, Dialang says C1 reading, B2 listening. Embarrassingly below my French scores although I've been learning Spanish for a lot longer and spent way more hours on it too. The listening score is ridiculous after a whopping 800h+ of listening. Reading makes such a huge difference!
COMMENTS: Intensive reading to improve the precision of my reading comprehension. Audio for fun and accents. I noticed huge improvements with my Iberian Spanish SC and now understand people much better on the street. I will tackle reading from September onwards. I also added a Mexican audio challenge, because there is still plenty of time.
: 189 / 5000 Spanish Pages
: 150 / 150 Iberian Spanish audio hours
: 107 / 150 Argentinian audio hours
: 4 / 150 Mexican audio hours

COMMENTS: Early intensive reading to get to a level where I can read extensively. It's still going slowly, but I think I'll make a lot of progress in August.
: 244 / 5000 Russian Pages
: 7 / 150 Russian audio hours

Now that I finished my French challenge I will focus on Russian and Spanish. Still half a year left to reach my goals! My success with my French double SC is also really motivating me to make progress on my reading comprehension in the other two languages.
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby Fanduḳdiqdi » Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:41 pm

CURRENT LEVEL: around B2 or B1
COMMENTS: Here I go!
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby anaya » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:59 pm

LANGUAGE: Japanese


CURRENT LEVEL: Upper-Intermediate

COMMENTS: Japanese is the one language that I want to be truly, truly proficient with first, since it's the first language I've learned by myself. I think this challenge is great, and following it will help me achieve a better level :) Though I don't know I can organize to do it every day at the same time bc life is crazy, but hey, let's get it on!




COMMENTS: I've started learning Korean for about a month ago and I've surrounded myself to the point that I can understand some random phrases and construct some right phrases without having studied it properly, so this challenge will be like a 'official' way for me to do this I guess hahah I'll do this challenge and use some textbooks.
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby Luso » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:07 pm

It's time to change my goals: it seems I won't be reaching any formal goals with French and Italian in the near future, so I'm withdrawing from the challenge, as far as both languages are concerned. Funny thing is, I've been using both extensively in my professional life, just not in a way that is directly translatable into books and films.

For the time being, I'm leaving my English goals unchanged.

I'm also updating my original post (the fourth on this thread).
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Re: The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017

Postby sfuqua » Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:52 am

I decided to learn French, which completely destroyed my chances of completing a SuperChallenge.

I hope there is a new Challenge starting in May, I may actually be ready for this one in two languages :D
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