Course Completion Challenge -- Open for business!

Ongoing language-learning challenges, and team challenge logs (but not individual logs)
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Re: Course Completion Challenge -- Open for business!

Postby solocricket » Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:36 pm

Just finished lesson 7/12 of my Polish textbook! Despite major delays, completing it by August is looking very possible.
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Re: Course Completion Challenge -- Open for business!

Postby cutepoison » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:51 am

Language: French

Course Material: CLE Grammaire Progressive du Francais Intermédiaire, Assimil NFWT

Comments: I've been studying sporadically with both courses, and I sincerely hope to finish them by the end of this year. My goal is to reach A2 passive level in French.

(I may edit this post later to add more languages and my log)
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Re: Course Completion Challenge -- Open for business!

Postby zenmonkey » Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:52 pm

I need this thread. How did I miss it?

Sooooooo many courses that I've started and have not completed --- my first entry?

Let's kick it off with:

Language: Portuguese

Course Material:
Assimil Portugais du Brésil

Comments: Started off fine and then I was doing other stuff and I'm not quite sure where I've put the book. But I should be able to "run" through this material. Oh, wait. It might be part of my study material for the rdearman study? If it is, I'll take a pause then or move to the control group. But until the study begins I should be able to complete at least 14 units a week. Have 80 units to finish.
For Duolingo, I'm moving along slowly at about a 2-3 units a day.

I expect to finish both by the end of summer. Unless the study gets in the way.

My log is in my profile. And since I am inconsistency incarnate, I'll post other material that I need to complete here. Maybe, if I don't forget.
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Re: Course Completion Challenge -- Open for business!

Postby bilbobaggins » Sat Aug 06, 2022 6:14 pm

Hi guys, looks like I'm accidentally doing this challenge when I didn't know it existed!

Language: Spanish

Course Material: FSI Programmatic and FSI Basic course

Comments: I am really enjoying the thoroughness of this course so far, about 1 week into the programmatic course.

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