Polyglot Fitness Challenge 2021

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Re: Polyglot Fitness Challenge 2021

Postby Ug_Caveman » Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:45 am

Ug_Caveman wrote:If gyms reopen, my goals are to bench press 140kg, overhead press 85kg, back squat 180kg and split squat 80kg for five reps on each leg (the latter two would be an all time best regardless of bodyweight) at a bodyweight lower than 110kg.

Got back inside a gym for the first time in months today, the results were... mixed.

On one hand - comfortable repped out 100kg x 4 x 5 on the bench (quite a bit stronger than I thought I would be coming back - my upper body strength tends to suffer more than lower in periods of no training...)

On the other hand - got destroyed attempting 120kg x 4 x 5 for back squats. Managed two sets of five, and a broken set of three-two with two minutes rest between. Didn't bother trying for the fourth set as I knew I didn't have it in me.

Somewhat surprised it's my upper body doing OK and my lower body doing terribly (the exact opposite of the effects of the last two lockdowns) :S

I could quite possibly hit my upper body target based off today's evidence, lower body might need to be re-evaluated (although it could just be a blip as squats are harder technically.)

On the language front, I go between: "I'm good enough to pass A2" and "what the hell was I thinking entering the exam!?!?!" on a pretty much hourly basis. Guess the moment of reckoning shall reveal the truth to me...
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Re: Polyglot Fitness Challenge 2021

Postby IronMike » Tue Apr 13, 2021 1:30 am

tungemål wrote:Maybe I should rather join the uniglot out-of-shape challenge.

This was me for about 40-something years. No longer.
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Re: Polyglot Fitness Challenge 2021

Postby David1917 » Wed Apr 21, 2021 4:07 pm

Lockdown took its toll, as did the constantly-hunched-over nature of grad school. In November I really started focusing on daily mobility work and going to the chiropractor every few weeks. Now we are getting strong again.

Still no gym access (technically my uni's gym is now open but with reservations/masks I'm not interested. I acquired home gym stuff in the meantime) so the goals are kettlebell oriented. The first one is to get up to 2x50 swings with the 24kg bell. I can do 30 with the 16kg and 30 with the 20kg, so I think the 6-week block I'm on it should be doable to get that goal. The next goal will be oriented towards the RKC standard of 100 KB snatches with the 24kg in under 5 minutes. Not necessarily trying to do the RKC cert but that seems like a good thing to be able to do.

After our brief winter subsided I am on 3 walks/day. Morning and evening 25-30 min around the neighborhood with the dog, mid-day with weights on a 2-mile trail. Once our insane summer hits I will have to stop the mid-day walks and do something else.

Language-wise I want to read as much as possible in Russian, German, French, and Spanish; finally complete the damn DeFrancis Chinese Readers; and get to a good reading level in Persian. I'd like to play around with Japanese and/or Korean as well as Greek and Turkish but those will be backburner projects.
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Re: Polyglot Fitness Challenge 2021

Postby Cavesa » Mon May 03, 2021 1:30 pm

I want to share some success: I've lost enough to wear a new dress I bought last year. I'm wearing it for an interview tomorrow. And I am finally at BMI 25, normal weight. Yes, I know all the problems of using BMI to evaluate individuals (it is a tool meant for populations), but it is stll a good sign in the end. Just 3-5 kg to go! And then maintenance, I know...

And I've entered the 6wc quite well. I think I am doing quite well in both these disciplines. I wish the rest would go as well too :-)
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Re: Polyglot Fitness Challenge 2021

Postby coldrainwater » Mon May 03, 2021 7:30 pm

In lieu of measurable progress, I add toys to my collection. The first is a pair of Functional Heavy Duty Dip Stands. I should have bought these decades ago. I use them for inverted rows. I do them as in the picture below except that I elevate my feet on a box and place a 50 pound dumbbell on my chest for added resistance. You don't need a special piece of equipment for inverted rows technically, just an elevated bar.


For pushups, I grabbed, somewhat literally a small pair of pushup bars that have made doing them more versatile and fun.


And to complete the mini jungle gym, I also bought one of these Vivere Double Cotton Hammock for hardcore language learning purposes of course.
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Re: Polyglot Fitness Challenge 2021

Postby clara » Sun May 09, 2021 5:48 pm

Haven't been in these parts for a while, but have really enjoyed reading everyone's updates! I was sidetracked by surgery in March which derailed all my plans. I'm currently taking medication that is wreaking havoc on my hunger signals, and after finally recovering from surgery I sprained my thumb. My only goal for this month is to get back into eating nutritious food: more protein and vegetables.
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