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Catalan resources

Postby reineke » Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:19 pm


Curs de Català
Catalan course – Learn Catalan online for free

parlacat ... /index.php

50 languages


Multilingual vocabulary tool/conversation guide ... a&idioma=1

Dictionaries/reference ... 19&t=3035/

Courses in Barcelona ... anguage=en


Lists of links

Cactus ... resources/

Other (iguanamon)

List of Resource links to learn Catalan from the Generalitat Recursos per aprendre català
Flash exercises- "Vincles"
Practice tests and resources from the Balearic Islands Government
Catalan Online Dictionaries
Dictation Excerises with pdf transcript and mp3 audio
Català bàsic- Iniciació a la llengua oral- pdf and audio, Basic Catalan 1 &2 from the Generalitat
From the Institut Ramon Llull: videos to learn Catalan
Viure a Catalunya. Aprenem català des de l'espanyol / Vivir en Catalunya. Aprendemos catalán desde el español
Grup de treball de tutors i tutores d'aula d'acollida Pla de formació de Badalona/A1 Catalan resources for Catalan teachers
Llicència d'estudis 04·05: Recursos d'estructuració de llenguatge more language resources including a dictionary of actions illustrated
Muds de Mots/Catalan word games by level
Flash reading exercises/ the Generalitat's course with multilingual or monolingual base
Digui, Digui Curs de Català videos on youtube
GlobalVoices en Català- sporadically updated- links to human made translations in several languages to make your own parallel texts.
Book of Genesis Catalan Audio Bible on youtube
Public Domain Translated Books- look for "pdf" These come from the website in Spain called: traduccionliteraria. The books date from 1900-1930.
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Re: Catalan resources

Postby Henkkles » Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:39 pm

Catalan is a free language, anyone can study it without a subscription.
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Re: Catalan resources

Postby PunkJesus » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:41 pm

Assimil has Catalan courses in Spanish and French
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Re: Catalan resources

Postby crush » Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:00 pm

PunkJesus wrote:Assimil has Catalan courses in Spanish and French

The Assimil course is amazing, it's the only resource i used for learning Catalan and had no trouble communicating, reading, watching TV/movies, etc. afterwards. Prof. Argüelles highly recommended it as well.
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