Help me create Dutch learning material! :)

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Help me create Dutch learning material! :)

Postby guiguixx1 » Tue May 09, 2017 6:51 am

Hi all!

I am creating some learning material for Dutch for beginners on my website ( One of the material type I'm working on is very short stories with a very basic level for beginners. I give explanations for the grammar and the vocab as well as a translation (for now in French only since my website is currently mainly for French learners).

I am looking for other stories of the same type to add to this library. Do any of you write such stories (or even in other languages so that I could transate them)? Or do you know people/websites where I can ask this? I already tried on a Dutch forum dedicated to the writing of stories, but they told me I was off topic with this project.

Thanks in advance for this project!
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