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Word Multi Search

Postby mcthulhu » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:35 pm

The Word Multi Search tool at http://peterjc.com/wordmultisearch/#/search lets you submit a word simultaneously to eight resources: a monolingual dictionary, a translation dictionary, Google Images, Google Translate, Tatoeba, Linguee, RhinoSpike, and Forvo, with results combined in a tabbed interface (except that the Google pages open in a new tab for some reason). So you get monolingual and bilingual dictionary results, images, machine translation, sample sentences, and pronunciation aids all together for your search term. The nine languages supported are German, English, Spanish, Esperanto, French, Polish, Romanian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Sorry if this has been posted here before - I searched the site first and didn't see a reference, but might have missed it.

It's a useful idea. It could cover more languages; these might have been the developer's personal interests. It might be interesting to try to combine these resources into a single result page, extracting the relevant information from each resource to generate a new page rather than essentially present a collection of Web pages as the result set.
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