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Samoan resources

Postby reineke » Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:02 am

Samoan resources by druckfehler & Kazumi.


GaganaSamoa: A Samoan Language Coursebook ( ... &q&f=false) lessons 1-3 available online; can beordered on amazon
PeaceCorps Samoan Language Handbook ( ... o=ED402740)
AnotherPeace Corps Samoan Manual ( ... o=ED233587)
SamoanLanguage Program Guide ( ... o=ED223076) useful from page 75 onwards; adapted from TeachYourself Samoan and others
Learn SamoanOnline Course ( words and expressions, grammar examples without explanation

Reference Books

A Grammar andDictionary of the Samoan language ( also includes some "colloquialsentences" and poetry
Grammarand Vocabulary of the Samoan Language ( ... 7/mode/2up) plus reading selection with glossary
Samoan Dictionary: Samoan - English, English - Samoanby G.B. Milner (no longer available, but in the library of my university -another choice seems to be available from NZ publisher)
Samoan Reference Grammar by Ulrike Mosel and EvenHovdhaugen (not available on amazon, but in the library of my university)
SamoanWord Book (Picture Dictionary) ( ... &q&f=false) partially available online; can be orderedon amazon
TravelDictionary ( some useful words and phrases
Omniglot ( moreuseful phrases


Audiofor Gagana Samoa ( available online
Peace Corps CourseAudio ( not everything is spoken by a native speaker
Samoa Chat- Audio Lessons ( basic expressions
TamakiMiddle School Video Lessons ( ... amoan.html) cute kids teach simple words and phrases, badsite navigation
SamoanLanguage Week Video ( ... re=related) with English subtitles
Tofiga OPili Aau ( ... re=related) Samoan Short Film with English subtitles
Leaoa: ASamoan Story ( ... re=related) Samoan Short Film with English subtitles
SamoaCapital Radio ( live stream, podcasts, website text in English and Samoan
SBS Podcasts inSamoan ( news
"TVSAMOA" Youtube ( lots of videos about Samoa, some in English
South SeaPictures on Youtube ( ... ture=watch) a couple of videos in Samoan
ForMe for Us - Video about Health ( no English
AudioBible Stories and Lessons in Samoan ( some with English text
someChristian Hymns and Sermons (
Jesusfilmwith Samoan speaker ( ... -film?al=s) also available in English; might not be a closetranslation

Listening - Reading

Anotherversion of "Sina ma le Tuna" ( ... ndex_e.php) with English translation
Legend"O le uluai afi i Samoa" (How fire came to Samoa) ( ... ndex_e.php) with Englishtranslation
Legend"O le atiga figata mamana" (The magic seashell) ( ... ndex_e.php) with Englishtranslation
Legend"Fagogo i le laau o le Niu" (The legend of the Coconut) ( ... ndex_e.php) withEnglish translation
Home andCommunity Care Pamphlet with Audio ( ... samoan.asp) audio version is different in someplaces
Lectureabout the Importance of the Samoan Language ( in English, but includes someSamoan with transcript on slides and English translation

Parallel Texts

OLe Talo Sione from International Children's Digital Library ( ... ng=English) in English,Maori, Niuean, Samoan
OLe Tala I Le 'Au Uso (The Story of Two Brothers) (
TamaSamoa - Le Fetuao Samoan Language School Student Production ( ... re=related) short videowith text about Samoan boys
Governmentof Samoa Site ( mostly in the "press secretariat"-pdf on the rightside
HumanRights Declaration ( ... /resources)
NationalAnthem of Samoa ( ... hem-lyrics)
SomeSongs ( ... &q&f=false) page 399 - 412

Monolingual Samoan Texts

TalaFa'a Samoa E Faitau Fa'atasi, Samoan Stories to Read Together by Fa'afetai Lesand Peter Kobayashi ( ... &q&f=false) preview on google books, available on amazon
SamoaNews Blog (
AnoafaleO Le Gagana Ma Le Aganuu ( ... milarbooks) about language, culture and chief system, samplepages online
O Samoa Anamua ( book online (from 1884)
LeTusi Paia ( ... edir_esc=y) the complete Bible in Samoan
The NewTestament ( with long vowel markings
About Samoan Culture (in English)
Articlesabout Samoa in the Encyclopedia of New Zealand (
SamoanCulture ( ... icans.html)
Blog aboutEveryday Life in Samoa ( ... ation.html)
Savage SymbolsDocumentary ( about Samoan tattoos
An Introduction toSamoan Custom (
Some Folk Songs andMyths from Samoa (
An Account of SamoanHistory up to 1918 ( with some geographical
and culture specific

Bonus: Maori resources
Word of the day, which sends you a new word everyday ... nawa&hl=en
A Māori language learning app for android.
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