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Kazakh resources

Postby reineke » Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:37 pm

Chung wrote:

Courses / Supplementary learning material (including literature)
- Kazakh Language Course for Peace Corps Volunteers in Kazakhstan [English]
- Video tutorials of Kazakh (Maksat Imangazi) [English]
- DLIFLC - Kazakh Language Survival Kit [English]
- DLIFLC - Legends and Folktales [English - scroll down to Kazakhstan to hear “Legend of the Dombra” in either English or Kazakh accompanied by subtitles]
- Online graded series of transcripts of short dialogues with audio (Indiana University) [Kazakh, Russian]
- Online course of Kazakh for beginners (A1 and A2) [Russian - free registration required]
- Online phrasebook of Kazakh for beginners [Russian with some English translations - audio works only for indivdual phrases or sentences instead of entire dialogues]
- Online course of Kazakh for beginning students [Russian with some English translations of dialogues]
- Online course of Kazakh for intermediate students [Russian]
- Online course of Kazakh for advanced students [Russian]
- Lessons of Kazakh [Russian]
- Lessons of Spoken Kazakh with Ease (Yelena Romanenko) [Russian - free registration required]
- Texts for supplementary reading (dual Kazakh-Russian) (Yelena Romanenko) [Russian - free registration required]
- Jokes in Kazakh with exercises (dual Kazakh-Russian) (Yelena Romanenko) [Russian - free registration required]
- Colloquial Kazakh - textbook and CDs (Zaure Batayeva) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Beginning Kazakh (Critical Language Series) (Ablahat Ibrahim) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Intermediate Kazakh (Critical Language Series) (Akmaral Mukanova) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Advanced Kazakh (Critical Language Series) (Akmaral Mukanova) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Kazakh Textbook: Beginning and Intermediate and audio (?) (T. T. K. Arapova) [English] COMMERCIAL

Dictionaries / Reference Material / Phrasebooks / Word-lists
- Audio phrasebook and Online dictionary (Lena Leneshmidt) [English, Kazakh, Russian]
- Large online dictionary [English, Kazakh, Russian]
- Kazakh Grammatical Sketch with Affix List (Karl Krippes) [English]
- Kazakh - Russian / Russian / Kazakh Dictionary (Kaldybay Bektayev)
- Online Russian - Kazakh / Kazakh - Russian Dictionary
- Online French - Kazakh / Kazakh - French Dictionary
- Online descriptive grammar with exercises and answers (Tat’yana Valyayeva) [Russian]
- Lessons in Kazakh Grammar (Yelena Romanenko) [Russian - free registration required]
- Kasachisch: Kurzgrammatik (Angelika Landmann) [German] COMMERCIAL
- Kasachisch Wort für Wort (Thomas Höhmann) [German] COMMERCIAL

Media / Culture
- Radio Azattyq
- Kazakh Radio and Television Corporation
- Kazakh TV
- Kazakh Radio
- Yegemen Kazakhstan (newspaper)
- Zhas Alash (newspaper)
- CultureTalk Kazakhstan
- Уикипедия (Kazakh Wikipedia)
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Re: Kazakh resources

Postby vonPeterhof » Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:04 pm

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