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Turkish resources

Postby reineke » Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:23 pm

Chung wrote:Here are the resources that I was able to scrounge for Turkish. It's just a list without comments on the quality or suitability of the material.


Courses / Supplementary learning material (including literature)
- FSI Turkish Basic Course (Lloyd B. Swift & Selman Ağralı) [English]
- FSI Turkish Basic Course - Graded Reader (Selman Ağralı et al.) [English]
- GLOSS Modules (13 lessons) (DLIFLC) [English]
- Language Survival Kit (DLIFLC) [English]
- Headstart2 Turkish (DLIFLC - free registration required) [English]
- DLIFLC - Legends and Folktales [English - scroll down to Turkey to hear “The Legend of Troy” in either English or Turkish accompanied by subtitles]
- I'm learning Turkish [English, Turkish]
- Nasrettin Hoca Stories (texts with audio) [English]
- Elementary Turkish (Kurtuluş Öztopçu) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Get Started in Turkish (formerly “Teach Yourself Beginner's Turkish”) (Asuman Çelen Pollard) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Complete Turkish (formerly “Teach Yourself Turkish”) (Asuman Çelen Pollard) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Beginning Turkish (Critical Language Series) (András J. E. Bodrogligeti) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Intermediate Turkish (Critical Language Series) (Jessica Tiregol) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Advanced Turkish (Critical Language Series) (Jessica Tiregol) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Assimil Le Turc (Dominique Halbout) [French] COMMERCIAL
- Türkisch: Lehrbuch für Anfänger und Fortgescrhittene (4. überarbeitete Auflage) (Margarete I. Ersen-Rasch) [German] COMMERCIAL
- Türkisch: Übungsgrammatik A1-C1 (2. überarbeitete Auflage) (Margarete I. Ersen-Rasch) [German] COMMERCIAL

Dictionaries / Reference Material / Phrasebooks / Word-lists
- Manisa Turkish (John Guise) [English]
- Sesli sözlük [English, Turkish]
- Milet Comprehensive Dictionary (Birsen Çankaya and Gordon Jones) [English] COMMERCIAL
- The Larger Redhouse Portable Dictionary (Serap Bezmez and Richard Blakney) [English] COMMERCIAL
- Langenscheidt Standard Dictionary Turkish (Resuhi Akdikmen) [English, Turkish] COMMERCIAL
- Turkısh: An Essential Grammar (Aslı Göksel and Celia Kerslake) [English] COMMERCIAL

Media / Culture
- TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) [English, Turkish]
- BBC Turkish [Turkish]
- Amerika'nın Sesi (Voice of America) [Turkish]
- Deutsche Welle (Deutsche Welle) [Turkish]
- LangMedia Turkish in Turkey (Five Colleges) [English, Turkish]
- LangMedia CultureTalk Turkey (Five Colleges) [English, Turkish]

- Vikipedi (Turkish Wikipedia)
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Re: Turkish resources

Postby Speakeasy » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:36 pm

New discussion thread containing links, et cetera:

Turkish language resources - A language learners' forum, October 2017
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