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Mandarin resources

Postby reineke » Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:17 pm


FSI/DLI courses




Understanding Chinese Characters (Vladimir Skultety)
Simplified News
Simplified literature
Sentence mining

Radio Garden (Brun Ungle)

Streaming TV
Kylin TV (not free)


Chengyu Dictionary
An english dictionary of chinese idioms

These are the Chinese word frequencies discussed in the Plos ONE article of Cai & Brysbaert, which you find here (

Popup dictionaries
Perapera Chinese popup dictionary
Zhongwen popup (Chrome)
Zhongwen Chrome user guide:
Zhong Wen popup Firefox

Other tools
Hanping (Android)
Pleco (crush)
Skritter Chinese & Japanese characters, made fun (and not free)
Tatoeba is a collection of sentences and translations. It's collaborative, open, free

Classical Chinese

Searchable and Archived Classical Chinese Texts
The Chinese Text Project is an online open-access digital library that makes pre-modern Chinese texts available to readers and researchers all around the world:
Classical Chinese Literature Resources
Yasue A collection of calligraphy, paintings, and classical Chinese texts in traditional characters.
The Online Index of Chinese Buddhism
a primer in chinese buddhist writings

Collections of links

Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks contains annotated links to over six hundred China and Chinese language and linguistics-related websites.


Shamelessly stolen from rdearman (while he was on the phone):

Various Resources

YangYang Cheng on YouTube
Online Chinese Character to Pinyin (Vocabulary List Builder)
Learning Chinese is Fun (Episode 1)
Introduction to Chinese Characters
Chinese Frequency Lists
Online Flashcards
Chinese character stroke order rules
Chinese Dictionary Lookup
Coursera Online Chinese Course
Defense Language Institute Mandarin
Growing Up With Chinese
University Page which has LOTS of links to Chinese resources available on the Internet.

Television Shows in Mandarin
( Say It ) 好好说!慢慢讲! Episode 1
Say It Season II Ep 1 Has a lot of Mandainr, Korean and other shows which have subtitles in just about every language.

Food shows:
李囯煌 -- 香港
Food Source 3 - Episode 01 (食在好源头 3 - 第01集)

Kids Shows
childrens stories with sub-titles

Collections of Materials - HSK Vocabulary

rdearman's Mandarin log: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=695
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Re: Mandarin resources

Postby alexraasch » Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:46 pm

The Skritter URL has changed to
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Spanish 2018
: 2682 / 5000 5000 Words
Russian 2018
: 0 / 500 500 Words
Mandarin 2018
: 362 / 500 500 Characters : 51 / 90 Pimsleur 1-3

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