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Re: Burmese Resources?

Postby Speakeasy » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:06 pm

kanewai wrote: ... I bought the Special Forces Burmese book on iTunes. It's a nice find! Though there are major formatting issues. The audio is one continuous file, so it's hard to find the right spot in the book. In addition, the book is formatted as one continuous chapter, so it's impossible to jump back and forth unless you place your own bookmarks on the pages, and keep track of what they are...
Mon cher kanewai, when I read this part of your post, a week ago, I felt so disheartened that, even though I have absolutely no intention of whatsoever of learning Burmese, I immediately ordered a copy of the "Special Forces Burmese 200-hour Familiarisation Course" from FILMDOCS on eBay for a price of 14 $US. I received the CD-ROM in today's mail and transferred the files to my computer.

I can confirm that, in the FILMDOCS' version of the course, all of the MP3 audio files have been segmented into short tracks and that they have been filed in individual folders by lesson number. Likewise, the course manual has been separated into individual PDFs by lesson number.

I feel SO BAD about this, particularly as I drew everyone's attention to edition on iTunes! Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

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