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Re: Sites/Apps like Readlang, Lingq,, etc.

Postby Cainntear » Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:16 am

Tomás wrote:
Xmmm wrote:For certain kinds of learners, the "listening reading app" is infinitely preferable to FSI or Assimil or Anki.

To me, Assimil *is* a LR app. I have a scan of the book and I read it on my screen while simultaneously playing the audio.

Assimil has always been LR. I'm curious what kind of learner would find it infinitely preferable in an app than on paper. :D
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Re: Sites/Apps like Readlang, Lingq,, etc.

Postby DaveBee » Sat Mar 04, 2017 4:23 pm

I've just started experimenting with Google Chrome + the google translate extension. I will be using this to replace the Readlang widget.

I'm trying it out on, and it seems to be quite nice. You highlight a word/phrase, a little G logo appears, you click on that and the translation is shown in a floating box.
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Re: Sites/Apps like Readlang, Lingq,, etc.

Postby stevepuu » Thu May 04, 2017 1:03 pm

You can try my chrome extension Vocabulary builder | VoPhaSe

You can save Vocabulary with Phrase in Sentence
- Save new words and sentence that matters to you
- Learn your saved vocabulary in context.
- Hear English is spoken by real people and in context.
- translate when click search icon

You can use this tool for learn not only English but also another language like Spanish, Russian...

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Re: Sites/Apps like Readlang, Lingq,, etc.

Postby Sayonaroo » Sun May 07, 2017 11:03 pm

I have an aversion to staring at the computer/screen for reading so I figured out a way to do readlang/lingq thing without staring at a screen. I just print the whole thing out with the google translation and it's been pretty helpful for spanish. With reading foreign languages I usually re-read a sentence or a paragraph or a passage so it gets really strenuous with a computer.

First I get the pdf or whatever and convert to .doc. then I replace all the . with .<br> and so on and so forth for the comma, question mark, exclamation mark using CONTROL + H. then I convert that html. Then I paste that into google sheets then I run google translate through for column a1 by pasting =GoogleTranslate(A1, "es", "en") in to column 2 (press control when you click on column 2 to select the whole column). Then I put the function =CONCATENATE(A1,22,B1,33) in the next column (press control when you click on the column to select the whole column) . Then I replace 22 with <br>+ and 33 with <br>. then convert the html, then paste into doc then format it and print it. i DON't recommend doing the whole book at once because google sheets will lag. I do around 3000 lines

so I end up with the format of
spanish sentence or fragment
+english sentence or fragment

I like it a lot so far and am excited to see what results I will reap from reading a lot in Spanish without srs/anki. If you don't split it up by sentences and fragments you're going to waste a lot of time searching for the word and I love this format because the dual text book I had bought was making my eyes tired having to search the next page just for that one word.

I just hate how on lingq the definition disappears if you click on the new word and I hate how on readlang that you have to pay to translate an unlimited number of phrases. I like free.
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