Cantonese Resources?

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Cantonese Resources?

Postby Ug_Caveman » Thu Feb 11, 2021 4:00 pm

Once again, sorry if this one has already been done, but I wasn't able to find a thread on it:

Are there any Cantonese resources people would recommend? At present, the only ones I can find are:

Colloquial Cantonese (which has middling reviews)
Teach Yourself Cantonese
Some Routledge Cantonese grammars
A few short-scale Pimsleur courses

Any recommendations to add to the list?
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Re: Cantonese Resources?

Postby rdearman » Thu Feb 11, 2021 5:51 pm

Here is what I could find. It isn't pretty, I'll tidy it up later. There may be duplication and other problems. ... onese.html ... onese.html ... lja3VZG6AQ ... e1k14yugtx ... versations ... nohboldhip ... index.html ... se-course/ ... fault.html ... XezXwy_SGg ... ohYaIj9lHg ... tKnPRxlaxQ ... vbFGlKjQgA ... et_results ... rcantonese ... neselocker
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Re: Cantonese Resources?

Postby księżycowy » Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:04 pm

In addition to what Rdearman posted, I also suggest a browse of the following site: ... antonese=1

I have quite a few of their titles, and would easily recommend them.

There is also the very comprehensive and extensive set of materials by Sidney Lau. I have not bought any of Lau's materials from the following site, so I can not personally vouch for it. But I can vouch for the books themselves. Unfortunately, the audio is not easily obtainable (with the acception of the audio that is on Skydrive I think it was, but that is not the original audio to the book). I'm still looking for the original audio myself.

I guess it depends on how deep you want to get into Cantonese.

EDIT: Here is the Hong Kong government press, which may still have Lau's books on print. ... kstore.htm
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