Memorion (flexible flashcards app) Video tutorials

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Memorion (flexible flashcards app) Video tutorials

Postby AndyMeg » Sun Feb 07, 2021 1:31 am

Last year I discovered this app called "Memorion" and I really like it. It could be an alternative to Anki or to other Flashcards apps. I really like that it tends to keep my motivation high and it offers diverse ways and fun activities to interact with and learn different types of material.

Here are some video tutorials from its creator:

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Re: Memorion (flexible flashcards app) Video tutorials

Postby Neo-Stoic75 » Sun May 26, 2024 8:01 am

I've been using this app for a while now. I love it and prefer it to Anki. I believe it runs under Windows now as well.

I love many things about it, including its UI and its many options/detail. Yes, it does have somewhat of a learning curve, and there are still many things I don't know (the manual is voluminous). There are several user modes from Beginner to Advanced which give you access to different features and options.

One thing I love is you can make stacks for a literally any language you can think of: I have stacks for Old English, West Frisian, Fering (North Frisian island dialect), as well as for larger languages such as German, Dutch, and Norwegian.

Another great feature is the games options for learning cards.

I really recommend it if you're looking for an alternative to Anki. The dev is friendly and responsive to questions and feedback.

(Apologies for the huge image, I can't work out how to re-size it!)

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