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Re: A Latin Reading Resource

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 12:39 am
by PfifltriggPi
As I mentioned in my log, I recently finished reading the oeuvre integrale of Catullus, the late-Republican Roman poet. Reading Catullus is a bit like reading Shakespeare, in that he oscillates from scatological but hilarious mockery, tender romance, moving tragedy, expression of genuine friendship and near-pornographic lust all seemingly on a whim. As a result, there really is no one poem to which one can point as characteristic of his entire production.

That said, almost all of his poems are relatively short and almost all are quite easy as far as classical Latin poetry goes. As a result, Catullus' works can be an excellent introduction to "real Latin" for newer students, but anyone who studies the language should read him sooner or later. Although there are many of his poems which I will most likely not read again, some are truly some of the most powerful poetry I have read in any language and, as such, an edition of Catullus' work should be in the library of any Latin reader.