2 weeks to build a language app (a music-style language trainer)

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Re: 2 weeks to build a language app (a music-style language trainer)

Postby ryanheise » Tue Oct 13, 2020 4:38 pm


- The sound wave changes colour from left to right tracking the current position
- Added a screen to trim the intro and outro

Another thought going on in the back of my mind is that the JSON import format discussed earlier will probably not fit exactly with how the app will work. I think what's needed instead is just markers to identify semantic boundaries, like sections, sentences, and optionally phrases and words, and then let the app use its smarts to internally arrange that into a tree (or trees). This will let the app intelligently rebalance the trees according to semantic information and the user's preferences. For the non-programmer, the tree analogy is that at the base of the tree you have one trunk. That trunk splits into maybe two branches, and then each of those branches may split into two or more branches, and each of those may again split into smaller branches until eventually reaching the leaves. This is exactly what's happening in the app, except that the user experiences things in reverse, starting at the outer leaves and seeing them join together into larger and larger units rather than split apart.

What's left:

- Let the user customise the routine (e.g. number of reps, playback algorithm)
- Probably some more things which I won't realise until I start using/testing it.
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