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Capture and move new words into your active vocabulary with WordClimber

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:37 pm
by Pinecone
I contacted the admins and Bluepaint gave permission for me to introduce a vocabulary acquisition tool I developed with my team. It was inspired by challenges I encountered on my quest to learn Nepali.

The result was WordClimber. It is a word log and vocabulary review system to help language learners move new words into useable vocabulary and improve retention.

What separates WordClimber from general-purpose study tools like Anki, Quizlet, or Memrise Decks? WordClimber is designed specifically for language learning. You don't need to tweak templates or add custom fields! We've made it ready for language learners from the start.

These are some of the reasons people love WordClimber:
  • Words organized in a master word list (word log) rather than decks
  • Multiple spelling fields to accommodate romanized and phoneticized spellings
  • Bi-directional reviews (foreign to native and native to foreign)
  • Record audio and capture images directly from your device
  • Notes field for adding usage remarks for words
  • Tag words to easily review all of your verbs, weather related words, etc.
  • Word or meaning look-ups for easy reference
  • Weekly activity reports to help you track your progress
  • Works on any device with a web browser
  • Supports right-to-left languages
  • Works with any language with a Unicode supported script
WordClimber is in active development with new features coming online about once a month. As new features become available we share those on our WordClimber Facebook Page, but I'll update this post too for major changes. Some of the features due out later this year include:
  • Spaced repetition reviews
  • Review streaks
  • Bulk audio recording
We really want this product to serve language learners well. If you have a feature you'd like to see added please do let me know. I'll be around and available to interact. I won't be offended by good spirited, honest feedback. Thanks in advance for giving WordClimber a try.

Why not do your next 6 Week Challenge with WordClimber as your vocabulary study tool?
You can signup here: Reach your Language Learning Goal with WordClimber's Vocabulary Review System

There is a free (no gimmicks, no credit card required) 45 day trial--the perfect amount of time for anyone doing a six week challenge! At the end of the trial anything you've entered in WordClimber remains available for reviews, editing or export--you aren't locked in and don't lose access.

If you use promo code: LLORG2019 during signup and decide to continue using WordClimber beyond the 45 day free trial you'll get a 30% discount off the monthly subscription price. This promo code will expire at the end of 2019 so make sure you add it to your account before then.

I've personally used WordClimber to move the last 900 Nepali words I've encountered into my usable vocabulary. It has made a big difference for me. At the intermediate stage the words I am learning aren't the transactional ones that I encounter everyday while running errands. I needed a system for capturing and studying the words to make them stick. WordClimber is that system for me. It is helping me reach my language-learning goal of C1 fluency. It can help you reach your fluency goals too.

Happy language learning!

Peter for the WordClimber Team

Re: Capture and move new words into your active vocabulary with WordClimber

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 7:29 am
by Pinecone
Pinecone wrote:Some of the features due out later this year include:
Spaced repetition reviews
Review streaks
Bulk audio recording

A big thanks to everyone who has given WordClimber a try! By way of update, we released the features mentioned above earlier this month. We also improved support for right-to-left languages and added the ability to toggle between phoneticized or romanized spellings of words during reviews.

A side note on the spaced repetition reviews (for the SRS aficionados in the community): ours is based on SuperMemo's popular SM-2 algorithm. The one modification we made was to adapt it for a simple two-button, correct or incorrect, response choice.

There is one more day left to signup up with the special LLORG2019 promo code. If you open an account with that code before the new year, the code will stay on your account and the discount will still apply even if you wait until later to redeem it.

Wishing everyone success on their language learning goals for the coming year!